Buy It Now for Christmas: Grab the Coco Colour stylus for tablets and phones here!
Rylan Clark-Neal with Fiona (Amazon Launchpad), Ken (JML) and Wendy (Lakeland).

Buy It Now for Christmas: Grab the Coco Colour stylus for tablets and phones here!

Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal has recently taken on a new role with Buy It Now for Christmas on Channel 4.

Rylan, who first graced our screens almost a decade ago, always provides us with humour and his fun personality. So it’s no wonder that he was chosen to present the show, as it is helping budding entrepreneurs get their products on the market for Christmas.

The concept of Buy It Now for Christmas is like the original series, although this time with a festive twist. There are 100 potential customers and three retail giants who decide whether to make a bulk order of the product.  The inventors are convincing retail giants from Amazon, Lakeland and JML to put their products on sale before Christmas.

Thursday night’s (December 12th) episode featured the incredible Coco Colour stylus, with fans flocking to the internet to find a way to purchase it.

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Rylan Clark-Neal with Fiona (Amazon Launchpad), Ken (JML) and Wendy (Lakeland).

How does Buy It Now for Christmas work?

Buy It Now for Christmas works by offering a 90-second pitch to retailers and the audience, who are provided with a voting handset. Sadly, if the product doesn’t have enough interest, the inventors are spun off the revolving stage ready for the next inventor.

In case you’re looking for something to watch over the festvie weekend, three episodes already available on catch up.

What is Coco Colour?

Coco Colour is a stylus which can be used on tablets and phones, with over 768 colour, style and size combinations. The stylus comes with two apps, which provides plenty of pages ready for drawing or colouring.  It was revealed on the show that the inventor, had already invested over half a million pounds into the product.

Furthermore, Coco Colour is providing children with the stylus it removes carrying around a large amount of stationery required for colouring.

One audience member asked if there was going to be anything for adults and it appears in the near future, you will be able to colour your own photos.

On the show, two retail giants made an order amount of £87,940. You can purchase the product online right now as well, at a retail price of £24.99.

Simply head to JML Direct or Amazon (who are offering free delivery) to make the perfect Christmas purchase.

Who invented Coco Colour?

Coco Colour is a product designed by inventor Hugh and inspired by his eight-year-old daughter, Coco. We know, pretty damn adorable.

The pair flew over from Hong Kong to take part in the programme, with Coco happy to take the lead during their pitch.

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