Buy It Now for Christmas: Snoring pillow is saving marriages - how to get it!

Festive entertainment shows are officially here and Buy It Now for Christmas proves to be a very much needed addition this season.

The Channel 4 series presents people who have invented their own products where they have just 90 seconds to pitch the product as a Christmas gift to an audience of real customers.

In episode 2 (December 5), contestant Philip pitched a revolutionary anti-snoring pillow that he swears can save marriages!

So where can you buy the MooreZzzleep snoring pillow?

Screenshot: Buy It Now for Christmas episode 2, snoring pillow MooreZzzleep

Who is Philip from Buy It Now for Christmas?

Philip is a 43-year-old entrepreneur from Seaford who created the MooreZzzleep pillow pretty much for himself because he’s suffered from loud snoring for a long time.

Philip didn’t want to put his wife Stephanie through the misery of a bad night sleep and, luckily, his own invention helped him save their marriage.

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He got the innovative product idea from a bizarre dream when he saw a food tray with legs and a pillow on top. And after doing some research, Philip came up with the distinctive shape of the pillow.

So what is the MooreZzzleep snoring pillow?

This anti-snoring pillow is basically a pillow that helps you to have a good night sleep without disturbing your other half with your snoring.

Thanks to its curved and flexible shape, the pillow enables you to sleep comfortably throughout the whole night.

The pillow supports your head and neck while sleeping and has a hollow where you can tuck in your arm if you want.

Screenshot: Buy It Now for Christmas episode 2, snoring pillow MooreZzzleep

Where can you buy the MooreZzzleep pillow?

The pillow was on sale for £99.00 during the episode and this is how much you can get it on Amazon as well.

The great news is that the product already has customer reviews – with a 4.7 out of 5 rating on the retailer’s website.

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Other couples also swear by this snoring pillow!

It appears that it’s not just Philip’s word that this pillow can save marriages.

A number of buyers have took to Amazon’s review section to leave their comments about the pullow. One wrote:

Mrs been having a go at me my whole life especially after a drink for snoring. Now nothing, plus the added bonus of no pins and needles – perfect for the camper!




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