Buy Noel Fielding's skeleton jumper on Bake Off 2021
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Buy Noel Fielding's skeleton jumper on Bake Off 2021

Noel Fielding has sported many iconic shirts and sweaters in his time, but his recent skeleton piece sent fans into a frenzy.

The Great British Bake Off co-host, alongside comedian Matt Lucas, often tries to calm the contestants down as they bake against the clock.

However, there’s something else that often catches viewers’ eyes: his sweaters and shirts. So much so that fans usually want to buy it themselves.

If you’re wondering how to get your hands on his latest bones and skeleton jumper worn on Caramel Week, Reality Titbit has all the details.

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How to buy Noel’s skeleton jumper

Noel’s skeleton jumper is from Haculla, which retails for $425.

The ‘My Insides Sweater’ is available in large on the brand’s website, but all other sizes are completely sold out.

Made out of 100 percent wool, the jumper can be shipped worldwide, and has a 14-day return with 30-day exchange policy.

All you have to do is head to this link, add it to your basket, and purchase.

If the jumper is out of your price range, there are some similar for less:

  • Oversized Skeleton Knit Sweater from Emmiol – £33.13
  • Skeleton Print Sweatshirt from Shein – £7.49
  • Skeleton Knit Cardigan from Wolf & Badger – £168

Other Noel Fielding 2021 jumpers

Noel has worn a series of colourful shirts and jumpers for Bake Off 2021.

One of them includes the heart hands shirt he wore to kick off the current season, which is the Lazy Oaf ‘Heart Hand Stripe Print Shirt‘ for £25.

It has black horizontal stripes and hands pulling on pink hearts. However, it looks like all sites have sold out of the iconic oversized shirt.

Fear not, as fans of the shirt can sign up to be informed when the shirt could come back in, such as on the Doll Skill website.

The shirt he wore in the intro for Caramel Week is the ‘Cowboy Print Shirt‘ by Paul Smith, which costs £270 online.

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Fans react to Noel’s skeleton outfit

When Caramel Week aired, several GBBO viewers could not contain their excitement, and instantly wanted to buy the same jumper as Noel.

Some admitted they were going into their money savings to fork out for the skeleton clothing piece…

Here are some of the best reactions to Noel’s jumper:



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