Who is Callum on Sixteen Class of 2021? Age and Instagram explored!

Who is Callum on Sixteen Class of 2021? Age and Instagram explored!

Callum joins the line-up of students on Channel 4’s new series Sixteen: Class of 2021, who share experiences of school during the pandemic.

It will all be captured at Dudley’s The Link Academy, which sees students return to school after a challenging six months off.

He will be featured alongside Kara, Sade, Aaminah, Jack and Grace, as they return to finish their final year in the most unusual circumstances.

Viewers may be wondering who Callum is, his age, and whether he has an Instagram account. Reality Titbit had a look, and got to know him better…

Callum, Sixteen: Class of 2021. Channel 4. Picture Publicist: Lucille Flood Photographer: Ryan Mcnamara

Who is Callum on Sixteen: Class of 2021?

Callum Winwood is a student at The Link Academy in Dudley, and joins Channel 4’s Sixteen: Class of 2021 cast this year.

He has been described as “cheeky, loveable and popular with his peers and teachers alike”, has dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

Talking about the past year, Callum said:

Most of my year eleven school life’s been sat at home working on a laptop, which is the most unusual thing, and not something I thought I’d ever be doing.

Unsure if he can live up to his football dreams, he has decided he needs to have a back-up plan, and focus on a new career venture.

With help from his dad and mentor Miss Sweet, Callum has been trying his hand at bricklaying in a bid to secure himself an apprenticeship.

Callum: Age and family

Callum is a year 11 student, who is part of the Winwoods family.

This means he must be around 15 or 16 years old. He currently lives with his mum Carla, dad Adam (aka Bof) and two brothers Kyle and Tyler.

They are a tight-knit family who are proud of their Black Country roots. Adam works for an upholstery company, while Carla is a carer.

The lover of “football, family, friends and girls” is often out with his mates, trying to fight off distractions and struggling to focus at school.

This was especially in lockdown, with one laptop in the family home.

Meet Callum on Instagram

Callum has a couple of Instagram accounts, but one of them has not been active for quite some time.

His latest account @callum._26 appears to be more used by the Channel 4 star, but it only has a few photos at the moment.

He appears to be close friends with a boy called Joshua, and is either hanging out in car parks, or chilling on his phone.

With at least 3K followers, it’s clear that Callum’s popularity amongst friends at school shines on his social media accounts, too!

Callum has also been tagged in several football pictures, highlighting his passion to become a professional sports player.



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