Fans of The Great House Giveaway have been hoping to sign up since the show aired on Monday.

As renovators are seen transforming properties in the hopes of returning a profit on the Channel 4 series, many viewers began to wish they were in the shoes of the sellers. Those who appear on the show can keep the profits made – and it comes as part of a five-days-a-week series partnered with auction finance experts Together.

While we are wowed by the incredible home renovations, there is one question on everyone’s minds. How can viewers apply to be on The Great House Giveaway themselves? We explored all avenues to find out if they can!

simon o'brien
Simon O’Brien, The Great House Giveaway. Picture: Channel 4

Can you sign up for The Great House Giveaway on Channel 4?

Yes. The producing company sent out a casting call back in 2018 which invited people to apply for the show.

Created by Welsh independent production company Chwarel, The Great House Giveaway has taken over a year to produce the renovation show, as renovators are given six months to transform a home.

According to the Daily Post, executive producer Sioned Morys said: “We welcome any applications from people who don’t already own a property but are willing to work hard to achieve their dreams.”

Although the show has already started to air, applications are still open on their website.

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What to expect on the Channel 4 renovation show

Two strangers who have never owned a home before will be given a lump sum to buy a property at auction.

The pair will then have six months to revive the property into a habitable and desirable home.  If they don’t sell it, the house goes back to auction.

In the first episode, Vicky and Emily from Bradford were matched to turn around a property. They made £41,000 in profit and got to keep it all!

How to apply for The Great House Giveaway

Those wanting to apply for the Channel 4 series can fill in a form on the producing company’s website. If you would rather apply over the phone, applicants can call 01766 523 522 instead.

It will ask for a number of details, including why you would like to take part in the show.

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