Celebrity Come Dine with Me 2019: Winner bags the money for charity in episode 5!

We still don’t know what’s better, the Come Dine with Me competition or the narrator alone. The show is so popular that every now and again it throws us a good old Celebrity Special.

Come Dine with Me is back for 2019 with a shiny new Celebrity Special – and it’s Christmas, too!

The 2019 cast consisted of a ‘digital storyteller’, a world-renowned drag queen, two ex-kids presenters, a comedy legend’s daughter and a stage performer.

So, who won the show? Let’s meet the Celebrity Come Dine with Me 2019 winner!

Screenshot: Celebrity Come Dine with Me winner 2019 – Channel 4

Who were the celebrities taking part in Come Dine with Me 2019?

Celebrity Come Dine with Me often attracts all sorts of famous faces. And seeing our favourite celebrities all sat around a table – when they often have nothing in common – is always entertaining.

The 2019 diners of Celebrity Come Dine with me were Dick and Dom, Courtney Act, Debbie McGee, Stevo The Madman and Les Dawson’s daughter, Charlotte Dawson.

Episode 1 saw Courtney Act host the evening and she pretty much knew no-one. Things got worse when Courtney joked that she lost a fingernail when she made the mash. Charlotte Dawson got the word “chuffin'” in any which way she could. To be fair to them, they made for a very entertaining series.

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Celebrity Come Dine with Me 2019 – winner

Episode 5 saw the Come Dine with Me competition come to an end on Friday, December 20th 2019.

Dick and Dom hosted the final evening and read out the results – together of course.

And it was Debbie McGee who took home to the trophy. Well, she actually just won some money for charity, but it’s all the same.


What did viewers make of the 2019 series?

While the contestants actually disgusted one another during the week, they also confused the hell out of viewers.

Charlotte Dawson revealed that “she loves to burp” while Debbie McGee stood by her belief that one should never burp in public.

Twitter users seemed confused as who Stevo was with one writing: “After 4 episodes, I still have no idea who Steveo is??? What does he present?

Others were in stitches at the competition. One viewer took to Twitter: “Cracking up at Courtney Act thinking Dick & Dom were Ant & Dec.

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