Celebrity Gogglebox: Who is Muna? Jonathan Ross' sofa is very crowded!

Celebrity Gogglebox: Who is Muna? Jonathan Ross' sofa is very crowded!

In this series of Celebrity Gogglebox, fans have been excited to tune in to see Jonathan Ross. Jonathan, 60, is father to three, with his youngest children, Harvey and Honey joining the show alongside their partners.

In last week’s episode (July 16th), viewers were able to see Harvey with his girlfriend, Muna for the first time in the series. However, as the pair keep their lives so low-key off the air, it has caused fans to question who Muna is…

Who is Muna?

Known on Instagram as ‘Muna Silver’, Muna is a photographer and shares her work through her photography page @faduphotos. Being an avid supporter of the LGBTQ community, the Black Lives Matter movement and supporting women of colour, these topics are often the basis of her photography.

Considering Harvey has no social media, the couple are most definitely keeping their lives privatised. However 27-year-old Harvey and girlfriend, Muna have made a couple of appearances on Jonathan’s Instagram feed. With Jonathan’s first photo of the pair dating back to 2018, Muna has been a member of the family for quite some time.

Muna’s appearance on the show

Making her appearance on the show in the sixth episode, Muna features alongside boyfriend, Harvey, Jonathan and Honey. Muna is seen laughing throughout the show to Harvey and Jonathan’s jokes whilst cuddled up to the families many dogs.

As the family begin to watch new explicit drama, Sex/Life, Muna jokingly said to Harvey, “this is going to be a fun thing to watch with your dad”. Despite the potentially awkaward watch, the Gogglebox episode showcased the close-knit relationship that Muna shares with the family.

How to watch Celebrity Gogglebox

All episodes of season three so far are available to watch exclusively on Channel 4. With eight episodes in the series, the last episode will air this Friday, 23rd July.

The first two seasons are also available to view on Channel 4 for any new fans or gogglebox lovers who want to give the show a re-watch!

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