Who is the Celebrity Snoop Dogs narrator? Channel 4 icon provides VoiceOver

Just when you thought the world could not get weirder, Channel 4 introduced us all to Celebrity Snoop Dogs. The brand new series launched on Friday, June 26th, airing weekly at 8.30 pm.

At its core, the series takes the format of Through the Keyhole but through the perspective of a dog. Channel 4 have strapped GoPros to the backs of pooches and let them run wild around their celebrity owner’s house. Then, viewers are encouraged to guess which celebrity owns the house – and the Snoop Dog in question.

But who is providing the narration for Celebrity Snoop Dogs? Find out which Channel 4 alum signed up to VoiceOver this latest series.

Celebrity Snoop Dogs – Channel 4

Who is the narrator of Celebrity Snoop Dogs?

  • Kevin McCloud

For all the Grand Designs fans out there, you will instantly recognise the host’s voice. Kevin McCloud is a TV presenter and designer known for his work on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. He has been the lead presenter on the show for over 20 years.

Kevin was born on May 8th, 1959 making him 61 years old. He is originally from Bedfordshire.

In 2014, Kevin McCloud was awarded an MBE on the New Year Honours list for his services to sustainable design and energy saving property refurbishment.

Kevin McCloud (Photo by Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images)

Kevin McCloud on Celebrity Snoop Dogs

Kevin seems like a perfect fit to narrate Celebrity Snoop Dogs given that he’s publicly spoken about his love for the animal before.

He has not yet spoken about appearing as the narrator of Celebrity Snoop Dogs, but taking a glance over Kevin’s Twitter account, you can see he’s passionate about pooches.

In January 2020, Kevin simply tweeted: “Look, I just like dogs, ok?” Sounds like reason enough to work on Celebrity Snoop Dogs to us, Kevin!

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How to watch Celebrity Snoop Dogs

There are four episodes of Celebrity Snoop Dogs, airing from Friday, June 26th. This means Celebrity Snoop Dogs will end on Friday, June 17th.

Each 30-minute episode will then be able to stream on Channel 4’s catch-up service, 4oD.

This is Stellify Media’s first commission for Channel 4. Sean Doyle, Channel 4’s Deputy Head of Features and Formats commissioned the series. Sean Doyle said:

We’ve come up a wonderfully ridiculous spin on filming in lockdown that only Channel 4 could get away with. We hope families enjoy playing along whilst getting a healthy dose of doggy mischief and celebrities’ lush properties and home interiors.




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