Celebs Go Dating 2021: Which couples are still together? Post-filming updates!

Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion is wrapping up its series on E4, after several weeks of dates, dramas and decisions. So who is still together?

A line-up of celebrities, from Ibiza club owner Wayne Lineker to Coronation Street’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson, started off on the search for ‘the one’.

With hopes to meet their perfect match, they faced mishaps and mis-matches, but learned a lot about themselves with the help of Anna and Paul.

Relationship expert Paul Brunson has reportedly revealed that two couples are still together, so let’s try to uncover exactly who they are…

Screenshot: Shane and Kimberly, Celebs Go Dating, Episode 12, All 4

Whitney and Karim

  • Whitney and Karim are not together

They tried to stay in touch, however their love didn’t last the distance.

One fan commented on Whitney’s photo with: “Please tell me you’re still with Karim”, which the Celebs Go Dating star responded to with a like.

While this could be a hint that they might still be loved up, they spent most of the series together – with some arguments along the way.

However, they are still following each other on Instagram!

Chloe and Kieran

  • Chloe and Kieran are still in touch, but just as friends

It had been reported that Chloe and Kieran are now dating following filming in the Celebs Go Dating mansion, according to The Sun.

It is thought that Chloe realised how much she liked Kieran towards the final stages of the dating process.

But Chloe revealed on an Instagram live that she received Valentines flowers from Joey Essex, jokingly adding that she reckons they have a future together.

Sophie also let slip to OK! about the current status of Kieran and Chloe’s relationship, so it looks like they could no longer be dating.

When they mentioned Chloe and Kieran being together in an exclusive OK! interview, Sophie responded with: “Is she?”, adding: “I don’t know about that, I can’t speak for Chloe!”

Kimberly and Shane

  • Yes

It was revealed on the Celebs Go Dating finale that they have been staying together since the mansion, and have declared their love for each other.

They follow each other on Instagram, plus Kimberly recently commented on a Celebs Go Dating video of them and said: “Shane and Kimberly continuing the cheese theme journey.”

Shane has also said he “met amazing people” while he was on the series, in a response to a fan’s comment. He also keeps thanking anyone who calls him and Kimberly “cute” in the comments!

When an Instagram post of what looks like a groom at his own wedding was uploaded by Shane, a viewer said Kimberly had personally messaged her saying it was a photoshoot.

Wayne and Billie Jean

  • Wayne and Billie Jean are not in a relationship

Wayne was immediately drawn to Billie Jean, despite the fact that he had been on a date with Jodie Burling.

When Billie Jean turned up at a Celebs Go Dating party, he said he hadn’t fancied anyone in the mansion until 25 minutes ago (when she arrived).

He said that Billie Jean ticked every box, who he has been seen laughing and holding hands with – he’s even made tea for her in the morning!

When it came to the masquerade ball, Wayne sent Jodie home, and decided to keep Billie Jean in the mansion.

Since then, he has revealed he would marry Billie Jean, 25, and they both follow each other on Instagram.

Although Wayne took her to meet the family, their flirtationship became a friendship in the end.

Joey and Shannon

  • Joey and Shannon are not currently together

Joey joined the current Celebs Go Dating series for the third time, adding on as a celebrity halfway through the show.

It doesn’t look like Joey and Shannon managed to get a strong enough connection, as they have only been on one date.

Viewers don’t seem to have high hopes for them to develop a relationship.

However, he did pick Daniella over Sophie L, when he was given the choice of who to keep within the mansion.

Curtis and Daniella

  • Curtis and Daniella are not in a relationship

Curtis picked Daniella to stay in the mansion, but it doesn’t look like they have made it out as a couple since filming.

There are no signs on social media that either of them are still dating.

One viewer said: “I do see a slight spark there nothing serious but I think they need to spend more time with each other to determine whether what they have with each other is genuine or not.

“For me I think it is, yet I don’t think they will go the distance.”

Sophie and Tom

Finally, the news viewers are waiting for – Made in Chelsea star Sophie Hermann and DJ Tom Zanetti have officially confirmed their romance.

They had eyes for each other from the start, but kept being sent on separate dates with singletons coming into the villa.

Towards the end of this Celebs Go Dating season, they were finally sent on a date. After the show, they reportedly spent Valentines Day together!

Sophie has since confirmed that they are now in a relationship.

During an Instagram live, she revealed that co-star Chloe Ferry would be her “number one bridesmaid” if they get married in the future.



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