Celebs Go Dating: Lauren Goodger's surgery explored - implants to fillers!

It’s almost 10 years ago that Lauren Goodger first appeared on our screens on The Only Way Is Essex. The Essex girl rose to fame in 2010 on one of Britain’s most famous reality TV shows and had a very public relationship breakdown with Mark Wright.

Nowadays, Lauren’s more into posting selfies than arguing on TV and is picking herself back up after the failure of her self-tan business, Lauren’s Way. However, there’s always one thing that people want to know about Lauren. And that’s her cosmetic procedures.

Even after multiple interviews, there’s still a big question mark around whether the Celebs Go Dating star has had surgery or not. Some procedures she openly talks about, while claims of getting certain implants Lauren laughs in the face of, so what surgery has she had done?

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Lauren Goodger: What surgery has she had done?

In June 2019 Lauren appeared on This Morning to set the record straight on the surgery claims. Lauren said that she’d had her “boobs done”, botox injections when she was 26 years old and lip fillers.

However, according to The Sun, Lauren admitted in the past to having rhinoplasty and liposuction done, too.

She said on This Morning that she hadn’t had any surgery on her face and that she prefers to enhance her face with makeup: “It’s mainly makeup, like lip liner. I like to keep it as natural as I can”.

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Essex girl Lauren in 2010:

Lauren Goodger in 2010 (Photo by Danny Martindale/WireImage)

And Lauren today:

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Has Lauren had bum implants?

Lauren has denied getting bum implants. And ‘hand on heart’ said to Phil and Holly on This Morning: “I’ve not had any implants in my bum”.

The ex-TOWIE star says her derriere is the result of hard work in the gym.

Speaking to The Sun at the end of 2018, Lauren said of getting bum implants: “Nooo! Don’t be stupid! Bum implants?”

However, she did admit on This Morning that she does edit her photos, so perhaps Insta-Lauren and real-life-Lauren look dramatically different. According to Lauren, she’s just got a “normal body” and “it changes all the time”.

Lauren Goodger surgery (Photo by Mark R. Milan/GC Images)

Lauren Goodger: Jaw fillers

Lauren has the nation confused on the subject of her surgery. One minute she seems totally open about what she’s had done, admitting to fillers and nose jobs and the next she’s citing the gym as the cause of her full body transformation.

The 32-year-old admitted in 2018 that she had filler injected into her jaw by a qualified beautician friend.

However, once she saw the result she immediately asked for the filler to be removed.

She said to The Sun that the outcome was “awful”.




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