Chanita Stephenson met a total stranger, Jordan Emmett-Connelly, at her wedding day. The two tied the knot on Married at First Sight, but there’s just one thing now distracting fans as they get to know each other: her dress.

Viewers have described Chanita’s dress, which appeared to be green before later suddenly boasting a blue colour, as “magic” after the October 3rd episode. Even her eyeshadow seemed to change colour, according to fans.

The 29-year-old social worker from Derby has left everyone completely baffled, reminding everyone of the blue-black and white-gold viral dress that circulated social media back in 2017.

Chanita’s dress ‘changes colour’

During the Monday October 3rd episode, Chanita’s dress first appeared a silky green until a second scene showed a blue dress. This left viewers totally confused about whether she was wearing a colour-changing dress.

One fan wrote: “How is Chanita wearing a green dress one minute and a blue one the next… #mafsuk.”

Another reacted to her dress with the same confusion, and said: “Is anyone else noticed Chanita’s green dress at the party turning into a blue dress on single camera??????? #MAFSUK.”

“Is Chanita wearing a dress that changes colour when you put water on it? How did it just go from green to blue?! #MAFSUK“, wrote a confused viewer on Twitter.

Chanita’s dress is from Pretty Little Thing, which she tagged on her Instagram photo. The dress is, in fact, an emerald green, which is said to have appeared blue due to our brains tricking us about the lighting in the camera shot.

The star herself has responded to the questions about her dress on Instagram, confirming that it only looked blue due to the lights shining on the dinner party building, and that it is actually green.

Fans notice eyeshadow change too

It wasn’t just Chanita’s dress that had MAFS UK fans baffled, but her eyeshadow too. She had put a matching colour shade on her eyelids to complement her dress, but they also appeared to turn blue in different scenes.

“Surely I can’t be the only one who keeps seeing Chanita’s dress and eyeshadow change colour?! #MarriedAtFirstSightUK #MAFSUK,” wrote a confused viewer watching the episode.

When pigments in makeup begin to mix with your skin’s oil, bacteria and natural pH, they can actually begin to shift colour, according to Priia. But considering her dress changed colour too, the ‘change’ was down to the outside lighting.

Chanita and Jordan on MAFS

From the moment they met at the altar, Chanita and Jordan appeared over the moon with who the experts had matched them with for marriage. It was clear they both had a connection straight away.

Admitting they had “more than a kiss and cuddle in bed”, Chanita and Jordan’s honeymoon appeared to run incredibly smoothly. However, they got into an argument when Chanita suggested her husband might have ADHD.

She later apologised for her comments. They also came to blows at the last commitment ceremony over Jordan’s “clumsiness”, but they managed to put it behind them and agreed to fight for the relationship.

Following the show, Jordan appears to have gone on holiday by himself to California. He was seen sipping on a cocktail and posing for photos alone, but the MAFS cast can’t give away whether they stay together or not…



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