Are Chloe and Kieran from Celebs Go Dating still together? Post-show updates!

Are Chloe and Kieran from Celebs Go Dating still together? Post-show updates!

Chloe and Kieran have spent time together on Celebs Go Dating, after she chose to keep him in the E4 mansion. So are they together?

Chloe Ferry is amongst the celebrity line-up looking for love inside a Surrey mansion, deciding to stick with Kieran while in there.

She may be getting along well with Kieran, but it seems that things have got a little bit harder since Joey Essex walked into the place.

So, are Chloe and Kieran still together? What happened after filming?

Screenshot: Chloe and Kieran, Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion, Episode 12

Who is Chloe’s date Kieran?

Kieran Bishop is a 30-year-old model and finance worker from London.

He is currently working with ASOS X PUMA, as seen on his Instagram.

It looks like Kieran regularly travels, to places such as Madrid, Dubai and Ibiza, most likely within his line of work.

When Chloe said he doesn’t have one bad bone in his body on Celebs Go Dating, he said that he might have one in his little toe!

He is also reportedly best friends with Love Island star Jack Fowler.

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What happened between Chloe and Kieran?

The pair instantly hit it off, when three singles were brought into the mansion for Kimberly Hart-Simpson, Sophie Hermann and Chloe to date.

Chloe said she liked all three of them, but particularly liked Kieran, who she went on a clay-moulding date with – including his twin brother Kaz!

She then took a liking to Adam, another single who arrived in the mansion, but decided to send him packing and keep Kieran there instead.

Since then, the pair have been spending a fair amount of time together, including working out in the gym, with Chloe loving his energy.

Chloe and Kieran then shared a kiss, after she chose him to go to the masquerade ball with her!

However, she has had a few doubts about Kieran, and has repeatedly said she isn’t sexually attracted to him.

And there was a slight test when Joey Essex – Chloe’s all-time crush – walked into the mansion!

Are Chloe and Kieran still together?

It was reported that Chloe and Kieran are now dating following filming in the Celebs Go Dating mansion, according to The Sun.

It is thought that Chloe realised how much she liked Kieran towards the final stages of the dating process.

However, Chloe revealed on an Instagram live that she received Valentines flowers from co-star Joey Essex, jokingly adding that she reckons they have a future together.

Sophie also let slip to OK! about the current status of Kieran and Chloe’s relationship, so it looks like they could no longer be dating.

When they mentioned Chloe and Kieran being together in an exclusive OK! interview, Sophie responded with: “Is she?”, adding: “I don’t know about that, I can’t speak for Chloe!”



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