The Shipwrecked 2019 finale will take place on Friday, February 15th.

Both tribes have had their trials and tribulations on the show but they’ve also had their fair share of romance.

Sparks are flying between a few couples on Shipwrecked 2019, Danni and Jamie look to have a true romance, Kalia and Sam have had a rocky road and Chris and Sean seem to have a soft spot for each other.

So what’s happened with Chris and Sean since Shipwrecked? Are they a couple?

Chris and Sean Shipwrecked
Screen Shot: Shipwrecked Chris and Sean episode 14 – E4

What Happened Between Chris and Sean on Shipwrecked?

At first, Sean was unsure if Chris liking him was just a ploy to get him over to Tiger Island.

Sean said to his fellow Shark Freja that he found Chris attractive but he wanted to find out what his intentions were.

Kush said:

I’m pretty sure Chris is using that as a tactic to get him over.

However, once Sean and Chris had a face to face chat things started to change.

Chris said that Sean wasn’t just a number, he said: “It’s deeper than that for me.”

Then, in episode 12 Chris went the whole hog and wrote Sean a letter.

Sean’s Brave Choice

In episode 12, Shark teammate Sean stood up and decided it was time to move on over to Tiger Island.

He said: “I think everyone kind of knows the situation that I was in, you know that I love you all…but this is just from a selfish point of view, I feel like I want to do the rest of my experience with the Tigers.”

Chris said: “I’m not playing it for numbers, I do want to get to know Sean.”

Chris and Sean Shipwrecked
Screen Shot: Shipwrecked 2019 episode 12 – E4

Chris and Sean’s Dinner

Now both on Tiger Island, Chris and Sean got the opportunity to spend some time together properly.

‘Chef’ Sean kindly made Chris a dinner in episode 14 and the pair got to know each other even more.

The pair opened up and said they were happy to see what happens when they both get back to London and shared a passionate kiss!

From looking at both of their Instagram accounts there’s no sign of the pair being an official couple, but you never know, once the show’s over they could announce a relationship!


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