Where is Claire Winship from Location, Location, Location now?

Kirsty Allsop and Phil Spencer are back for a special retrospective series of Location, Location, Location. 

The Channel 4 property hunting show has been on our screens for over two decades now, and in that time Kirsty and Phil have helped hundreds of people find their forever homes.

Each retrospective episode has a theme, and the third episode (Thursday, September 10th) takes a look at the million-pound properties they have found over the years.

The third episode revisited the youngest ever house-hunter with the biggest ever budget in Location, Location, Location’s history. So, what happened to Claire Winship? Where is she now?

Screenshot: Location, Location, Location 20 Years and Counting E3 – 4oD

Who is Claire Winship?

Claire was just 18 years old when we met her on Location, Location, Location. She was a student at the time, studying for a university degree. The episode was filmed in 2010, so Claire Winship would now be 28 years old.

Originally, Claire was studying at Oxford University, however moved to study at UCL instead.

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Claire has had cerebral palsy from birth and uses a wheelchair. This set Kirsty and Phil the secondary challenge of finding a home which would be accessible for Claire. With a budget of £1.7million, the property market was wide open for them.

You may be wondering how Claire has a seven-figure budget to play with. Her condition came from complications at birth and she was awarded financial compensation in a personal injury settlement. It was a seven-figure payout and so she set aside the £1.7million budget for her property.

  • UPDATE: Where is Margate’s artist Shane from Location, Location, Location now?

Claire on Location, Location, Location

Claire had just two major requirements for her property: accessible space and a view of the River Thames.

Kirsty and Phil found Claire the perfect penthouse apartment close to Borough High Street. It cost slightly over budget at £1.75million. But the extra cash was worth the 360 degree views of London. Claire was tempted by an extremely over-budget riverside apartment which overlooks Tower Bridge, however remained with her choice of the Borough penthouse. She described it as her “dream flat.”

Claire said of the investment: “It is a hell of a lot of money, but then, my situation is a bit different. If that’s what it costs for me to have the home that I want and is accessible enough, then that is fine.”

Update on Claire Winship

In December 2013, Claire tweeted to Phil Spencer an update on her situation. She said she was “still loving” the flat.

She also said she was still job hunting. We have not heard from Claire since then, but can assume she’s still based in Borough, London.




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