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Club Rep Wars: Meet KARYS - ? She spent 10k on cosmetic surgery!

Brand new E4 series Club Rep Wars has some seriously interesting characters.

The group of Zante holiday reps are E4’s latest reality TV stars and none of them are more memorable than Karys Goodwin.

We found little miss Karys on Instagram to get you the juicy titbits on who she is in real life, including her glamour modelling career and 10k cosmetic surgery procedures!

CLUB REP WARS – Karys, Rob, Catissa, BJ, Eliot, Nicola, Harry.

What Does Karys G do?

Other than working as a summer holiday rep, Karys is a glamour model.

This means that she does topless and nude photography.

Trust. Her Instagram is full of it…

Karys also works at Spearmint Rhino London, where she could be a stripper or a pole dancer.

What Cosmetic Surgery Has She Had Done?

In August 2017, Karys featured in Closer Magazine and a host of tabloid newspapers.

The story was titled ‘Chloe Khan superfan spends 10k on surgery and undergoes drastic transformation to look like her idol’.

Twenty years old at the time, Karys spent £10,000 on cosmetic procedures so that she could look more like X Factor singer Chloe Khan.

This included four separate lip filler procedures (£1,200) and a boob job (£6,500) from a C to an EE cup.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Chloe said:

I took a picture of Chloe Khan with me to show the surgeon, I think her look is incredible – she’s so extreme, which I love.

I look at reality TV stars like Chloe and I think they’re just perfect – I’d love to have their lives, but having their look is a good start.

What Else Do We Know About ‘Bunny McKenzie’?

The 5ft 5 lass is originally from Bristol and recently turned 22 years old, celebrating her birthday on September 24th.

Earlier in the year, she featured on Page 3 of Midweek Sport as the ‘Babe of the Week’.

‘Bunny McKenzie’ is a stage that Karys often uses.

According to her Instagram, she has used the Duracell alias while working as a camgirl.




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