Who won Celebrity Coach Trip 2019? Underdogs take the prize!

After a fun-filled season of laughs, sightseeing and silly games, Celebrity Coach Trip drew to a close on Friday, October 18th.

The two-week long reality series saw some of the most recognisable faces in television and music travel around with trip leader Brendan Sheerin across some of Europe’s most gorgeous destinations.

But it wasn’t all fun and games, as the aim of taking home the winning title was always at the back of all the contestants’ minds. This lead to some backstabbing, double-crossing and tactical votings!

Yet despite all of these strategies, the underdogs still took home the prize.

So, who won Celebrity Coach Trip 2019?

Screenshot: Celebrity Coach Trip S2 E10 – 4oD

Celebrity Coach Trip: The Final

The Final episode introduced viewers and the celebrity contestants to the strange sport of water jousting.

Upon arrival in the Port Frejus, the celebs took to the water to partake in the medieval-inspired activity. Although some were keen to see what it was all about, like Vicky Pattison, other celebrities such as Gee Steel and Alexandra Cane decided to sit it out.

Rhodes to the Top | Promo Trailer | TNT

The final also saw the celebs change their mode of transport and fly mini planes across the gorgeous French Riviera. Now that’s a way to see the sights!

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Screenshot: Celebrity Coach Trip S2 E10 – 4oD

Who won Celebrity Coach Trip 2019?

Francis Boulle and Sarah Keyworth!

The Made in Chelsea star and the comedian were favourites from the start, as fans loved their dynamic and clear friendship. But they were also the underdogs of the series thanks to some tactical voting on the part of the other contestants.

They voted for Harry and James, who also received votes from Hailey and Brandi.

Francis and Sarah were voted for by Harry and James, So Solid Crew’s Harvey and Megaman, and Gee and Alexandra. But it was Vicky and Scott’s vote that earned Francis and Sarah the win!

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Will there be a Celebrity Coach Trip season 3?

Unconfirmed… but considering the response from this season, it’s likely!

Channel 4 have not announced the renewal of Celebrity Coach Trip but they don’t tend to announce that information until a few months after the previous series has finished airing. So, with that in mind, a renewal announcement could come in early 2020.

As always, we will keep this page updated with any new information about a third season.




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