'Come Dine With Me' infamous loser's final insult got cut off from the show


'Come Dine With Me' infamous loser's final insult got cut off from the show

Two years ago, “what a sad little life, Jane” became a meme after Peter Marsh couldn’t come to terms with losing the Come Dine With Me competition. He lost against Jane and other contestants while competing for the title of the ultimate dinner party host.

Six years ago, a shocking end to an episode of Come Dine With Me and contestant Peter Marsh’s rant made the headlines and quickly turned into a viral meme.

Peter Marsh might have lost £1,000 but his reaction made it’s mark in the internet hall of fame. It’s a scene that will remain in the most memorable moments in British TV history.

Come Dine With Me is a British reality show that has been on our screens since 2005 on Channel 4.

Strangers who live in the same town compete with each other as they cook a three-course meal. The winner not only takes the title of the “party host” but also a £1,000 cash prize.

Until today, there are a total of 45 series with over 1500 episodes.

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Peter Marsh’s infamous “What a sad little life, Jane” insult

Credit: Channel 4

During an episode that aired back in 2016, Peter didn’t take his loss very well. In the clip where he reads out the results, he insulted Jane and the other guests.

After Peter announced that he came in fourth place, he named Jane the winner of the dinner party before he started ranting.

He told her: “Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear Lord, what a sad little life, Jane.”

“You ruined my night completely, so you could have the money. But I hope now you spend it on some lessons in grace and decorum because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tires on.”

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Charlotte then said: “I don’t get it,” in reference to his swipe.

But Marsh continued and added: “Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t, there’s nobody in there love.”

Marsh’s harsh words became a historic moment in British television and a meme.

Peter then tells Jane to “take the money” and to get off his property – not the usual celebratory end to the show.

The other two contestants, Adam and Charlotte, witnessed the dispute as his rant left an awkward situation between the four.

The final insult viewers never saw

However, Peter had more things to say. According to The Independent, Adam Mastroianni, former Harvard student and one of the other diners also came under fire

The line got cut from the show, but Peter made the situation even more uncomfortable.

He said to him: “Adam… You’re very funny, your food wasn’t great, it’s been a pleasure.”

Adam opened up about how the experience was from the inside: “It was surreal. In fact, I couldn’t look directly at it – that’s why I was staring off into the distance during his whole rant. 

“You can see me look up at one point to make eye contact with the producer, as if to plead with him, ‘Can’t you shut the camera off?’ Of course they wouldn’t, because the producers were probably getting exactly what they wanted.”

Nonetheless, Adam decided not to make a big fuss about the situation and remained silent.

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