Channel 4 has aired one of those bizarre programmes where women are willing to go under the knife for the sake of cosmetic procedures.

Sun, Sea and Surgery follows three women as they jet off to Turkey to visit the Comfort Zone clinic.

As part of their holiday package, women can get the operation they desire, including Brazillian butt lifts and liposuctions on several parts of their body.

Apparently, this is the same clinic where model and TV personality Katie Price went for her surgery – so what happened in the episode and who were the participants in the episode?

Sun, Sea and Surgery – TV show explained

The Channel 4 programme saw three British women who opted for a holiday deal at the Comfort Zone clinic in Turkey that included beauty procedures.

The women were willing to spend their money lavishly, as some of the operations cost more than £3,000.

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Who took part in the show?

One of the participants was Liz, 32 – a mother of three and former model from Wigan, Greater Manchester, England.

At the beginning of the episode, she revealed she wanted to get a liposuction on her upper and lower legs, stomach and upper back. Plus, she opted for a Brazillian Butt Lift (BBL) too.

The whole surgery cost her £3,750.

Liz revealed that she used do modelling before becoming a mother. Post-surgery, she hopes to feel confident about her body again.

Liz, 32, on Channel 4’s Sun, Sea and Surgery

Next was Summer, 25, who decided to go for bigger boobs and liposuction on her stomach, with the fat from her stomach being used on her BBL procedure.

All for just £4,250 which she got from selling her horse. Impressive stuff.

Summer from Channel 4’s Sun, Sea and Surgery

Louise, 21, wanted to get a liposuction on several areas of her body, including her hips, thighs, arms, stomach and her lower back.

The cosmetic procedures cost her £2,720.

Explaining the reason to undergo a surgery, Louise revealed that she grew up feeling uncomfortable in her own skin. She also struggled from anxiety and admitted that she compared herself to other people.

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Louise, 21, on Channel 4’s Sun, Sea and Surgery

Katie Price at the Comfort Zone Surgery

In the episode, the owner of the Comfort Zone clinic revealed that 70% of their clients were British.

They’ve done operations on many celebrities, including media star and model Katie Price. However, the owner refused to elaborate on what surgery Katie exactly had at Comfort Zone – there’s quite a few to pick from!

Are there any risks from these procedures?

There are potential risks involved, including infections and further complications after the surgery.

In the episode, one of the surgeons openly spoke about the dangers and risks of some of the cosmetic procedures.

Back in 2019, a mother of three from Britain died after having a Brazillian Butt Lift.

Further information about post-surgery risks

A spokesperson at MYA Cosmetic Surgery shared their insight with Reality Titbit about the risks after a cosmetic surgery.

Referring to surgery standards in other countries, they told us: “Facilities and care in UK healthcare are highly regulated and inspected regularly. It is not a guarantee that other countries have high standards. Make sure you ask about the regulation of the clinic, inspection reports, infection rates and what processes are in place.”

It’s important to check a surgeon’s credentials – in the UK cosmetic and plastic surgeons will be accredited by the General Medical Council (GMC) and this can be checked on

In regards to other countries’ regulations, they added: “Other countries use different systems due to different standards and qualifications, so it is not as easy to check if an overseas surgeon is fully trained. Make sure you ask your surgeon about their qualifications and training.”

Post-surgery, the spokesperson discussed the overall cost, and explained: “Cosmetic surgery like any surgery has risks involved whether that be in the UK or abroad,” they said.

“If you were to have complications, flying back out to see your surgeon could cost hundreds of pounds and involve unexpected time off work. Depending on the degree of the complications, you may be required to stay for an extended period of time to recover.”


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