Channel 4 are no strangers at creating bizarre social experiments for our viewing entertainment.

And their brand new dating show Five Guys a Week sounds like it’s going to be no different!

The show will see five men all live-in with their potential partner over the course of a week, doing everything they can to compete for their affection.

Five Guys a Week.

What is Five Guys a Week?

Five Guys a Week is transforming the format of dating shows.

Each week we will be introduced to a ‘picker’ and five eligible men who are exactly their type on paper.

They will all live in the same house for one week, doing everything together until the picker makes their choice on who they want to end up with!

The picker will eliminate four of the men by the end of the week, hopefully ending up with their soulmate…

Who will be on the show?

Channel 4 are into pre-production and thinking about casting, so no cast decisions have been released yet.

But if you’re interested in taking part, keep an eye out on the Channel 4 Take Part page to see if you could join this wacky dating experiment!

We will update this page with any additional information about applying to the show as it is released.

When does it start?

It is unconfirmed when the show will air, although Channel 4 has said it will be later in 2019.

As Five Guys a Week is currently in pre-production and the filming won’t start until summer, we are likely to see the show by at least November 2019.

The commissioning editor for the show, Gilly Greenslade, said “the pilot was hugely entertaining”, so we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the whole season!

There will be ten 60-minute episodes in the first series.



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