Council House Scandal: How to sign George Clarke’s petition!

A documentary aired on Channel 4 last night (Wednesday, July 31st) which got the nation talking about one of the most pressing issues facing the country today: Housing.

With four million fewer council houses today than the post-war boom, the shortage of housing is reaching a boiling point. The show even opens with Britain’s former Prime Minister Theresa May calling the housing crisis “the biggest domestic policy challenge of our generation”.

But George Clarke is here to help.

In George Clarke’s Council House Scandal he examines how we’ve got to this point, but more importantly what to do next with the know-how to take us into a new generation of council housing.

George Clarke.

Why is there a Council House Scandal?

When council houses were first introduced in 1919 under the ‘Addison’s Act’, local councils were given the power to build thousands of homes across Britain after World War 1. Homes that look incredibly different from the council housing we know today.

Over the years, with the population increasing and urban spaces becoming more populated, council housing took on a different form. And it took another blow in the 1980s.

Under Margaret Thatcher’s Right to Buy scheme, millions of council houses sold off to private owners and homeownership became increasingly popular. This marked the beginning of the scandal.

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Now, there are more than 1 million people on a waiting list for council housing across the UK.

What is George Clarke’s petition?

Architect and campaigner George Clarke is seeking to deal with the “chronic lack” of housing across the UK with a new petition.

Previously George Clarke has campaigned over the scandal of empty homes after his documentary, The Great British Property Scandal, was released in 2011.

That petition garnered over 93,000 signatures with 50,000 signed in the first 24 hours.

Now he has introduced a new petition asking the UK Parliament to “commit to building 100,000 new council houses every year for 30 years”. It’s an ambitious but necessary commitment.

For more information about Clarke’s plans for the future of council housing, look to the website on the documentary and his plans.

How to sign the petition

If you watched the Channel 4 documentary and were inspired to act, you can help by signing George Clarke’s petition.

By Thursday, August 1st at 10 am, the petition has over 12,000 signatures and counting. If a petition reaches 10,000 signatures the Government will respond. If a petition reaches 100,000 it will be considered for parliamentary debate.

You can sign the petition here.

You can also follow George Clarke’s Council House Scandal Twitter page @CHouseScandal for the latest updates on the campaign.




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