Joe Lycett's investigation into CPS Homes in Cardiff explained: Jamie Laing joins for protest rave!

If you have ever been in a student living away from home, you will be fully aware of the astronomical price of student housing. Major student cities across the country have jacked up their prices over the years, with some hubs such as Bristol, Bath and Edinburgh matching London rental prices.

When it comes to this issue, Joe Lycett’s here to help.

It was only so long before the comedian tackled the issue in his consumer rights comedy show, Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back.

In series 2 episode 4 (Friday, May 1st), Joe took on Cardiff rental company CPS with the help of Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing. Here’s what went down in the episode!

Screenshot: Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back S2 E4 – 4oD

What is Cardiff’s CPS Homes?

CPS Homes is a property rental company based in Cardiff. It is owned by Barrie James.

They have three branches in Cardiff and one, in particular, is all about student renters. This is on Woodville Road, right in the heart of Cathays.

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Joe Lycett is not the first to question the dealings of CPS Homes, as they have just a three-star rating on Trust Pilot where one customer called them “scammers.”

One of the key scams that seems to arise from all the comments on Trust Pilot is that deposits are frequently withheld or not returned. Many customers have lost their deposits to cleaning fees and repairs after they vacated the property; as Joe picked up in his investigation, the cleaning company is run by Barrie James’s sister and her husband is the properties’ handyman.

You can read Barrie James’s statement about Joe Lycett’s investigation here.

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Screenshot: Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back S2 E4 – 4oD

Joe Lycett’s CPS investigation

Joe spoke to Cardiff University students about renting with CPS and some of the scams they have been roped into. This includes forking out hundreds of pounds for repairs which were nothing to do with the tenants.

He said: “I’ve been talking to students in Cardiff who have been dishing the dirt about a company called CPS Homes. CPS Homes describe themselves as Cardiff’s largest estate and letting agent.” We found on the CPS website that they also claim to help save students a tonne of cash if they rent with them. Clearly, this is not the case from Joe Lycett’s investigation.

In the episode, Joe met two students – Lucy and Lizzy – who paid a £2,380 rental deposit to CPS homes for their second year property.

Lucy and Lizzy explained that when their second year tenancy was up, they were charged for “general wear and tear” as well as damages that they say they did not cause. In total, they and their housemates were charged with 21 “essential” repairs which cost them £843.

Joe took the investigation further and visited Lucy and Lizzy’s second year house. Surprise, suprise; none of the repairs had been done.

Screenshot: Lucy and Lizzy in Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back S2 E4 – 4oD

Joe and Jamie take on CPS

They filmed this segment back in November 2019 and Cardiff students have been eagerly awaiting the moment it came to air.

Joe Lycett decided to hold a rave outside CPS Homes on Woodville Road, Cardiff which is in the heart of the student area. Complete with a DJ, lights and a big crowd, the rave came as a quite a surprise to the local tenants. He was also joined by Jamie Laing.

Joe, showing his solidarity with student renters, wore a slogan jumper to the event saying: “The onus is on the landlord.”

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