Dan and Hayley crowned Hunted 2020 winners - catch up with engaged couple on Instagram!

After six long weeks of evading the Hunters, two pairs successfully completed Hunted 2020. But this year saw one of the most surprising ends to the series yet, as Dan Ryder had an idea of how he wanted to round off the series.

For Hunted 2020 winner Hayley, there was another surprise in the final episode as her partner Dan proposed to her!

We found the Hunted winners on Instagram to see what they’re up to post-winning the Channel 4 series and to see the plans for their upcoming nuptials… a wedding date has been set!

Hayley Morrison and Daniel Ryder.

Who are Dan and Hayley?

Dan Ryder and Hayley Morrison are a couple from Wigan who have been together for three years now.

Dan is a 33-year-old gym owner and personal trainer. Hayley is a 27-year-old HR Officer for the council.

Speaking to Channel 4 about why they wanted to appear on Hunted, Dan said:

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I decided to do Hunted as nobody won the last series and I thought I could win it, I thought I could do a better job. I told Hayley and she said to apply, called my bluff, then somehow, I ended up on the show.

Hayley added: “It was something majorly out of my comfort zone, maybe I didn’t have much hope that I could complete it. However, I am always willing to give something a try and hopefully prove to people that underdogs can triumph.”

Dan and Hayley are crowned Hunted 2020 winners

When Dan realised that he and Hayley had completed the challenge, as they leapt into the sea to reach the awaiting speedboat, he took another leap by proposing to his partner.

Dan and Hayley had been on the run for 25 days.

In the final episode, Dan said:

Being on the run made me see sides of Hayley that I’ve never seen before. It showed me how amazing she is. She was a lot stronger than me mentally and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

They completed the challenge alongside 24 year olds Rob Ellington and Ben Arrowsmith.

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Screenshot: Hunted S5 E6 – 4oD

Follow Dan and Hayley on Instagram

To find out more about the couple post-winning Hunted 2020, then the best place to catch up with them is on Instagram.

We found Hayley on Instagram under the handle @hayleymorrison91.

From her Instagram bio, we can see that a date has been set for Hayley and Dan’s wedding. The Hunted 2020 winners will be married on July 10th, 2020. We can also see that bridal prep is already underway, as Hayley’s now had her bridal shower.

You can follow Dan @danielryderpt.




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