Married at First Sight Australia: Where are Davina and Dean now? 2020 updates!

Married At First Sight Australia is where couples see each other in the flesh for the first time on their wedding day.

Now being aired on E4 for the first time three years later, the latest episode saw the first dining party where all couples got to know each other.

But it appears that the dinner was an opportunity for some to make a move on someone else’s partner. That’s the case with Davina Rankin who had her eyes on Tracey Jewel’s partner Dean Wells.

So where are Davina and Dean now? Did they become a couple? We’ve done all the research for you but bear in mind that some spoilers follow down below.

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Davina, Married at First Sight Australia

Married at First Sight Australia: Davina and Dean

Even before the dinner, Davina made her intentions clear to partner Ryan Gallagher, saying that she was open to exploring other relationships on the show.

Davina didn’t shy away from asking details about other people’s partners.


Her intentions were clear to many viewers at home too who noticed that she was started flirting with Tracey’s husband Dean.

At some point Davina and Ryan made up after their fight, however, viewers didn’t think Davina was honest about it.

She continued flirting with Dean during the dinner party and admitted that she had a crush on him.

So, did Davina and Dean started dating? If you want to find out if the two are still together, note that spoilers follow down below.

Are Davina and Dean still together?

No, Davina and Dean are no longer together.

The two had a pretty scandalous ‘affair’, but their relationship didn’t go beyond the Australian dating show.

Speaking to The Kyle and Jackie O Show last year, Davina claimed producers encouraged her and Dean to start dating as they looked “really good on TV”. Davina claimed:

“They said to Dean and I that we could come back as a couple because they didn’t want to lose us.

“It was all very manipulated. We were like, ‘We don’t want to be here’, very open and honestly. But then they were like, ‘No, look, you guys are really good on TV. We can do this and have you back on the show and do it this way’.”

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Dean, Married at First Sight Australia

Where are Davina and Dean now?

Davina found love with Jaxon Manuel after her stint on the Australian dating show-  and the couple has been going strong ever since!

The two are proud parents to Mila-Mae who was born on November 11th, 2019.

As for Dean, it’s unclear if he’s in a relationship right now.

But no matter what happened on Married at First Sight Australia, it looks like he is still good friends with co-star Tracey.




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