Who is Internet star Dazza on Come Dine With Me?

Scottish comedian Dazza, 24 has revealed that he will be appearing on Come Dine With Me on Monday 20th September.

Darren Dowling, AKA Dazza, is famed for his ‘Does it Fry’ show which sees him deep-fat fry everything from the Tesco meal deal to a block of cheese.

From his upcoming Come Dine With Me appearance, to being an Internet sensation, Reality Titbit looked into Dazza’s background.

Who is Dazza?

Dazza found fame for this Facebook videos ‘Does it Fry’ in which he tries to fry foods including Greggs, McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme.

Combining his love of deep-fried food and the spotlight, Dazza has come to gather a following of over 17,000 people on Instagram and he has over 120,000 views on his Facebook page.

When asked why he did it, Dazza responded: “I suppose I like eating, and this is just a way of me doing that and creating the videos.”

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He added:

These videos ran off the back of the ‘Get Battered’ series with the Social where I went round different fish and chip shops in Scotland tried fish suppers. So I guess the inspiration just comes from me wanting to eat.

Fair enough Dazza!

Dazza on Come Dine With Me

The episodes will air on Channel 4, and they start at 5.30 pm on Monday 20th September and run to Friday 24th September. Dazza will host four fellow scots on Wednesday’s episode of the show.

Speaking about this Come Dine With Me appearance, Dazza said: “I filmed the episodes over 6 days in July this year. Funnily enough, a whole camera crew came to my house a day after I moved in.”

He went to explain that he went through the same process as everyone else and was selected in the same way as other contestants: “I applied like everyone else, no special treatment just cos I’ve got a blue tick.”

Dazza even gave away a little hint about his menu… and yes – there will be more than one deep-fried element. He said:

My trusty old fryer makes a starring appearance for sure, no need to worry about that. The menu I picked is linked to my dress code (Smart/Casual), when you see it, it will make so much more sense, trust me

Robert Lee, who was born in Ayr and now resides in West Kilbride, will also be appearing on the show.

When asked about his time on the show, he said:

It was a good experience, it was a good week, it was totally not what I expected, but it was fun, it wasn’t at your own home so that was interesting.

Fans react to Dazza’s announcement

Fans were delighted when they heard that Internet star, Dazza was set to be a contestant on the hit daytime show.

Fellow comedian Gary Faulds wrote: “Please tell me you deep-fried something?”

While another joked: “I always thought come dine with me deserved a dish consistent of Turkey Twizzlers and potato waffles”.

One enthusiastic user is already backing Dazza to win the episode: “Hope you’re the winner and serving everything deep-fried”.



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