The cast of Gogglebox continues to provide their weekly TV critiques in the latest series of the Channel 4 hit show.

Viewers of the show have varying opinions on which family is their favourite, however, one thing most fans can agree on is that Giles and Mary are two of the more superior cast members.

The couple have been fan-favourites on the series for quite some time, but what else is there to know about the hilarious couple? And do Giles and Mary have children? Here’s everything you need to know.

Gogglebox 2019
Gogglebox 2019

Do Giles and Mary have children?

Yes, Giles and Mary do have children

The couple have two grown-up daughters, one of which was meant to appear on the show alongside Giles. However, their children opted out of the Channel 4 series, and appear to keep a low profile.

After their daughters refused to take part in Gogglebox, Giles managed to convince Mary to join the show.

Gogglebox 2019
Gogglebox 2019

When did Giles and Mary join the show?

The couple joined the series back in 2015, and have appeared as regulars ever since.

Giles and mary were approached by a friend in the Gogglebox production team who knew they would make amazing television.

Mary was reluctant to sign up to the Channel 4 series, however, after a 40-minute conversation with producers, she agreed to take part.

Gogglebox 2019
Gogglebox 2019

What do Giles and Mary do for a living?

In addition to providing their telly critique every week on one of Channel 4’s biggest shows, the couple both have very creative day jobs.

Giles works as an artist, and much of his work has gone on to become critically acclaimed.

Mary also works in a creative field and works as an agony aunt for The Spectator. In 2012 she also published a book titled How the Queen Can Make You Happy.


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