Channel 4 aired a one-off documentary last night (Thursday, September 19th) following sweary chef Gary Usher as he opened his Prescot restaurant, Pinion.

Gary is one of the country’s brightest and most exciting chefs of the moment, from his take on delicious modern British cuisine to his crowdfunding campaigns which finance his restaurant empire.

And as we followed Gary on the documentary on his Pinion journey, we got to meet his friends, colleagues and supporters on the way.

But does Gary Usher have a wife? Is the Rebel Chef married?

Screenshot: Natalia in The Rebel Chef – 4oD

Meet Gary Usher…

Gary was born in St Albans, north London but raised in North Wales.

At the age of 16, he decided to leave school and pursue a career working with food. This was initially as a potwash but he quickly started working as a junior chef in pubs and restaurants in London.

Gary’s big break was when he worked under renowned chef Angela Hartnett at one of Gordon Ramsay’s London bistros, York and Albany.

In January 2011, Gary set up his first restaurant – Sticky Walnut – in Hoole, Chester.

Since 2011, Gary has opened up a total of six restaurants, mainly across the North West of England.

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Gary’s Pinion success

Gary decided on Prescot for his restaurant location, a Merseyside town eight miles from Liverpool. Prescot hadn’t seen many changes to the town centre and many were hoping Pinion would bring some va-va-voom to the area.

In the first 24-hours, £50,000 was raised to kickstart the restaurant process.

Gary decided to transform a local Betfred into his new restaurant, Pinion. The restaurant officially opened on September 28th, 2018.


Watching on proudly was Gary’s Sticky Walnut team as he broke the Kickstarter record for fastest crowdfunding.

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Is Gary married?


But Gary does have a long-term girlfriend called Natalia.

She’s featured in the My Rebel Chef documentary as she is the general manager of Gary’s restaurant, Sticky Walnut.

From the looks of Natalia’s Instagram – @nat_alia93 – she started working at Sticky Walnut in 2016 and just one year later, she and Gary were in a relationship.

She frequently describes him as her “love” and “soulmate.” It’s so serious that the couple is looking to get a dog together soon!

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