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jo frost on supernanny

Does Jo Frost have kids? Supernanny USA host gives parenting advice on social media!

Supernanny USA is back on E4, where families turn to a child expert for help with looking after their children.

Jo Frost, who has 30 years of experience in teaching parenting methods, is seen visiting children and parents across America for a 2020 season. She was first seen helping parents Jessica and CJ Braido.

They needed support to look after their four small children, and Jo advised them on which parenting methods would be best to use. The most recent episode saw her advise the Richardson family – which involves six children – were visited by the child behaviour expert.

But does Supernanny have children of her own? We find out below!

Screenshot: Mum Brittany Richardson and Jo Frost on Supernanny USA, Episode 3, E4

Does Jo Frost have children?

No. The 49-year-old, who is loved up with husband Darrin Jackson, does not have children of her own. They both live together in Orange County, California. Reportedly, the reality TV star met Jackson while filming Supernanny.

The global parenting woman, known as Supernanny, may be an expert at getting families back on track, she does not have kids of her own. However, the Daily Mail reported in 2013 that “it’s something that might be there in the future” and that she would consider adoption.

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She told the Daily Mail:

I work a lot with families who adopt children and I’m passionate about adoption. There are so many children out there who need loving homes. So I would absolutely consider adoption. I definitely don’t feel that I have to give birth to a child in order to love them and be their mother.

However, seven years on, she has not been seen with any children or adopted children.

Parents turn to Jo for help on Twitter

Jo has launched her own hashtag #AskJoFrost on Twitter where she encourages parents all over the world to ask her questions on parenting.

Many fans of Supernanny have turned to her since she started the journey on reality TV in 2003, after allegedly responding to an advert in a parenting magazine, posted by a TV production company. Before that, she was a nanny with more than 15 years of experience.

Jo also encourages people to sign up for support at her website, where she regularly posts advice, videos, and latest news – including books. She has written four different books on toddlers.

Jo Frost on Supernanny USA

The most recent episode saw her help the Richardson family, who are parents of six. While four of them were seen grieving due to the passing of their biological dad Archie, Jo helped the parents build their confidence to help their children get through grief.

Jo suggested for them to write a message to their father and releasing it into the air. She said on Twitter while the episode was aired: “What lies beneath is the root of healing surface challenges for any child or family emotionally. It is rarely what it seems. Stay tuned watching, it’s my hope we can all learn watching and feeling from the perspective of others.”

She then leaves the family for a couple of days and returns to see how parents have got on without her visiting the house. Jo spots changes such as the parents choosing not to shout at their children and to remain calm instead.



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