Does Noel Fielding have Covid and what happened to him on Bake Off?

When Noel Fielding didn’t appear on the October 19th episode of Bake Off, fans were left extremely disappointed – and concerned about him.

Usually appearing with sidekick Matt Lucas, he tends to pay regular visits to each baker’s table to cheer them up while they stress about their creations.

However, the latest episode saw no sign of Noel due to a mystery illness that was not expanded on. Several viewers are now questioning if he has Covid.

Fans are making their guesses on social media, and we joined in to explore whether the comedian and host has coronavirus or not.

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Viewers react to Noel’s absence

Noel’s absence was noticed at the end of the episode, when he was suddenly nowhere to be seen in the Bake Off tent.

When Matt revealed he had become unwell, he didn’t expand, and viewers all over social media were panicking about whether he is okay.

One fan wrote: “Never mind who’s going what’s up with Noel? #GBBO.”

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Another simply questioned: “Is Noel alright? #GBBO

Others joked that contestant Lizzie’s banter towards Noel had caused him to leave the show temporarily.

“Lizzie’s comments hitting Noel #GBBO“, said a fan.

Does Noel Fielding have Covid?

No, there have been no reports that Noel has had Covid-19.

He was also seen driving through London on the same day the October 19th episode aired, meaning it would be unlikely as he would have been instructed to self-isolate if he had contracted the virus.

We also know that Bake Off 2021 was filmed several months ago, so the episodes are not actually in real time with recent events.

Noel was self-isolating in a bubble earlier this year as part of Covid-19 regulations to film the show, like his co-stars, for the second time.

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What illness did Noel have?

Noel is now fine, and revealed he is currently away filming at the moment.

Regarding his mystery illness, there has been no reveal about exactly what caused him to feel unwell.

Matt Lucas said Noel felt “under the weather”, so it’s likely that he may have just come down with a stomach bug or cold, but this is unconfirmed.

Some fans made jokes about his illness, with one saying it could be down to a cake not being cooked properly.

A viewer wrote: “Noel’s throwing his guts up outside the tent after some dodgy cake but we’re going to carry on… #gbbo.”



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