The first episode of Don’t Tell The Bride Ireland aired on Channel 4 last night with Brazilian groom Eduardo putting together a carnival themed wedding to surprising success – until the fiancée realised there was no wedding cake.

Although Eduardo’s mother-in-law had spoke on camera, insisting to a traditional wedding in a church, Eduardo kick-started his samba plans with a caipirinha in hand at a restaurant called The Taste of Brazil. Hint hint.

Mixing Paulina’s dreams of “being a princess”, Eduardo decided on a Brazilian party float with drumming bands and other carnival features. Like a, erm, floating church?

Eduardo said: “Her mother really dreams of her (Paulina) getting married in a church”

“So we need a church”

The task at hand wasn’t going to be easy, with Paulina trying on elegant white dresses and looking at upmarket castle venues,  but with Brazilian best-bud Wallace the pair found a church near the party location and booked the venue straight away.

Despite most stag doos involving costly and lavish vacations abroad for the groom and his lads, Eduardo took a trip to Poland to pick up his wife’s step grandmother.

Eduardo said: “She is very scared to travel by herself and I know it’s going to mean a lot (for the grandmother to be there) for Paulina and her mum.”

Having never left Poland before it was a big statement from Eduardo to secretly bring Paulina’s step grandmother to the wedding.


After crying during the big unveil of her wedding dress, saying “it’s perfect” and “I can’t believe how well he’s done”, it really was becoming an anomaly episode of Don’t Tell The Bride.

Eduardo was nailing it!

The wedding unfolded first at the church, where a glowing audience applauded a perfectly classic wedding service.

Paulina said: “I got my fairytale.”

However, as the wife-to-be was driven to the start of the carnival she started to become aggravated by the carnival theme.

Screen Shot: Don't Tell The Bride
Screen Shot: Don’t Tell The Bride

Once they arrived at the wedding party venue, she broke down in utter disappointment.

Venting her frustration she said: “Is there a wedding cake though?”

To which groom Eduardo simply had no answer.

The party ensued with BBQ food galore, before Eduaro managed to rope in a wedding cake at the last minute, delivered by taxi to save the day.

The couple kissed and cut the cake, holding back tears as they read loving poems to one other.

One of the bridesmaids ended the show saying: “Whoever I marry, I hope they would do as well as this.”

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