Don’t Tell the Bride is back!

Episode 1 of the 2018 series aired on Wednesday, August 15th, at 9 pm on E4.

And, the new series kicked off with every girl’s dream – a Vegas-style wedding that wasn’t even in Vegas, but in a back garden!
Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas 2018 e1

Touchdown In LAX

Lee gets straight to it and hops on board the fastest plane to Las Vegas with his stags.

Anna stays at home and friends and family members give her as much false hope as possible.

One friend says: Anything he does will be for you and the kids.”

Hmm, is this for the kids?
Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas 2018 e1

The lads on tour in Vegas are well and truly tearing it up.

When one of stag’s says “I just hope Anna can forgive us”, you know it’s probably not going great.

And, as another one of the stag’s dice rolls onto a big fat zero, it pretty much sums up the Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas episode.
Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas 2018 e1

In the end, Lee splashed out on four whole days in Vegas, taking up a quarter of the entire wedding budget.

The Wedding Dress

Hungover at breakfast, Lee decides to look for a wedding dress.

We see the groom and his best men enter a bizarre looking second-hand store.

Aside from costume jewellery, a tacky tiara and our nan’s old hat, Lee wasn’t seeing anything that tickled his fancy.

The store assistant shows Lee what she describes as a ‘Dolly Parton style’ dress, a more ‘Egyptian’ looking number and finally a ‘vintage Hollywood’ ensemble.
Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas 2018 e1

Thankfully Lee had enough sense to walk out of there empty-handed.

Enter The King

Back in the U.K, Anna is holding the fort at home with their two kids.

It looks like their son knows Lee more than anyone.

Anna asks their children: “Where do you think daddy is?”

Reggie replies: Going out with his friends.”
Don’t Tell the Bride 2018 e1

Lee also throws in an absolute gem by getting an Elvis tribute act to host the wedding.

Apparently, “a good Elvis could make or break the whole experience.”

Not sure we totally agree with Lee…
Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas 2018 e1

Something Old

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, Lee purchases Anna’s wedding ring through Gumtree.
Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas 2018 e1

Anna waited seven years for her engagement ring, which was bought at a bus stop and delivered to her door in a shoe box.

Anyway, she loved it. It fit perfectly and Anna was none the wiser – so take note future husbands!

First Prize Goes To The Best Men

We’ve got to hand it to the best men in this one.

They pretty much built a wedding chapel from scratch and managed to get Lee through a four-day stag do in Vegas.
Don’t Tell the Bride 2018 e1

Painting a shed roof in blue emulsion in the rain probably wasn’t how they pictured their best mates wedding day.

But, what do you know!
Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas 2018 e1

Lee came round to the idea of marriage and Anna physically said the words that she was… “impressed”.

Anna’s dad looked less than impressed by the Elvis impersonator though.

Absolute comedy gold!
Don’t Tell the Bride Vegas 2018 e1

This episode saw the couple-to-be perched under umbrellas in the British rain exchanging Elvis lyric-inspired vows.

Now that’s really something.

Don’t Tell the Bride: How many divorces?


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