Don’t Tell The Bride: Fans react to Sofia and Craig’s disaster wedding

Since Don’t Tell the Bride appeared on Netflix, we have been reliving the best – and most awkward – weddings the show has got to offer. Starting with Sofia and Craig’s disaster wedding.

There’s almost no argument that the winner of the most cringe-worthy wedding to appear on Don’t Tell the Bride was Craig and Sofia’s Oktoberfest disaster wedding. It’s actually the only wedding on the show ever to be cancelled. Sofia and Craig said “I do” in front of the cameras (though very uncomfortably), but did not legalise the marriage.

With a £14,000 budget, it can be tempting to let the groom handle the wedding planning, and that’s what Sofia did. All the while, she held onto the hope that Craig would know her well enough to organise her fantasy wedding.

Well, let’s just say that Craig fell short of Sofia’s expectations. By miles.

Sofia and Craig’s Oktoberfest wedding

When the episode aired, Sofia was 26 and Craig was 32. They had met eight years before on a night out and had been inseparable ever since. The couple already had two little boys together.

Sofia, who Craig described as spoilt in the beginning of the episode, had always dreamed of a hippie beach wedding. However, Craig had something else in mind. He went ahead and planned a wild wedding whose theme is best described as “loads of drinking”, to relive his party bachelor lifestyle one last time.

Highlights from Sofia and Craig’s Don’t Tell the Bride disaster wedding

Everything at the weeding revolved around beer – Sofia’s least favourite drink. Her hen do was a terrible ordeal, reducing her to tears. Craig got Sofia a Bavarian wedding dress, which she refused to even try on. And, the cherry on top, the wedding venue was The National Brewery Centre. It turns out the theme of the wedding is Oktoberfest.

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Sofia very reluctantly walked down the aisle and said “I do”. At the end of the episode, however, a message from the show’s creators appears, clarifying that the wedding was never legalised.

Colour me shocked.

Fans’ reactions were priceless 

Viewers did not take long to open Twitter and start writing, very passionately I might add, all sorts of opinions on the episode.

There were many that actually defended Sofia and took her side, labelling Craig as “selfish”:

On the other hand, many fans of the show actually sided with Craig, arguing that Sofia’s reaction was over the top.

What was YOUR opinion after watching the episode? Are you #TeamSofia or #TeamCraig?

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