Don’t Tell the Bride: Are Yanis and Chanise still together?

Don’t Tell the Bride has proven to be a real make-or-break for many couples taking on the show.

It’s all down to the groom to show his bride that he understands the wedding of her dreams. So, it’s no surprise that it doesn’t always go according to her plan or vision… and lots of tears tend to be the result.

But there were tears for a different reason in episode 21 of Don’t Tell the Bride series 14, as the bride’s actions were at the root of problem.

In a series first, Yanis and Chanise were withdrawn from the show and had their wedding cancelled after she broke the show’s main rule.

Screenshot: Don’t Tell the Bride S14 E21 – 4oD

Yanis and Chanise

Episode 21 of series 14 introduced viewers to young couple Yanis Wilkinson Teece (23) and Chanise Frame (19) from Erdington, Birmingham.

They had met only two years before they were engaged but this couple was the real deal. Chanise had previously had a son called Shay but then had a baby daughter, Azaria, with Yanis.

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And they had big plans for their family of four on their wedding day.

Chanise had hopes of being wed in a private ceremony at a Scottish castle, as her parents had been married in Scotland. Yanis, on the other hand, had visions of the couple being married in one of the most photographed spots on earth: underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

But things quickly went south for these two in one of Don’t Tell the Bride’s most memorable episodes.

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Screenshot: Don’t Tell the Bride S14 E21 – 4oD

Screenshot: Don’t Tell the Bride S14 E21 – 4oD

What happened on Don’t Tell the Bride?

For the three weeks the couple were on Don’t Tell the Bride, they were supposed to go without communicating. But as Chanise became suspicious of Yanis’ planning and doubted he would be able to pull off the wedding of her dreams, she did some digging into what was going down.

When this was uncovered, Yanis explained: “So, technically, in full terms, the bride wasn’t told, the bride found out through email.”

Because of this, their all-paid-for wedding – which would have costed them £13,000 – was cancelled!

The Channel 4 producers explained to Yanis and the bridal party why they could not continue.

So you understand this is “Don’t Tell the Bride.” It’s a programme where the groom and the best men plan the wedding in secret from the bridal party. Now that the secret is out, we cannot continue to film this wedding as though the bride has no idea of the plans.

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Where are Yanis and Chanise now?

At the end of the episode, things were still looking up for Yanis and Chanise. She told the cameras that “we still very much would like to get married.”

But since they appeared on the show, their relationship deteriorated. BirminghamLive went on to confirm this, learning that they are no longer together.

We found Yanis on Instagram and from the looks of it, the couple aren’t on good terms as he doesn’t follow Chanise.

You can find Yanis on Insta @wyegb.




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