Don’t Tell The Bride couple DON’T actually get married - this has never happened!

Don’t Tell The Bride couple DON’T actually get married - this has never happened!

We have seen a lot of horrendous attempted marriages over the 11-year series of Don’t Tell The Bride. However, all of them pulled through in the end and decided to ty the knot. All of them until now.

On episode 18 of the latest Series 13 we witnessed the mother of all mishaps.

Groom Craig was attempting to organise an Oktoberfest-themed wedding for him and his fiancée Sofia.

In comparison to previous episodes where grooms have flashed their fiancées into wedding venues via rally cars and parachutes, this proposal looked pretty tame.

Sofia’s bridesmaids are NOT impressed

However, fiancée Sofia was far from feeling the festival vibes of Oktoberfest, wanting more of a Bohemian style wedding on the beach.

The perfect stag for Craig

She refused the original dress that Craig had picked out for her before completely losing her cool after finding out that she was supposed to be tying the knot at a brewery – while her hubby was on a stag doo in Prague.

Not even the biggest stein in the world could keep this ship afloat.

Audiences watched in anguish as the couple proceeded to their wedding day with Sofia sporting a face like raging thunder.

Sofia even tried to make a last minute dash to KFC, not for two for 99p hot wings though, but to change out of her wedding dress and call the whole thing off.

The couple did complete their vowels, albeit in a seriously unenthusiastic manner, however the show closed with a statement confirming audiences worst fears.

At the end of the show, E4 stated:

“At the time of making this programme Craig and Sofia had decided not to make their wedding legal and were working together on their relationship.”

Despite more than 10 years of Don’t tell The Bride and almost 200 marriages on TV, this was the first time a wedding had fell through.

People took to Twitter to voice their opinion, either consoling Craig or pointing the finger at him.

Are you team Craig or team Sofia?




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