Don't Tell the Bride fans slam Steve and Leona's Wild West nuptials - "Most tragic wedding ever"

Don’t Tell the Bride has proven itself to be make or break for many participating couples. It’s understandable that the bride would doubt the relationship if their fiancé completely misread what they wanted from a wedding.

But in last night’s episode of Don’t Tell the Bride (Sunday, November 3rd), viewers watched in awe – and horror – at the groom’s clueless wedding planning.

Steve and Leona’s wedding might be one of the worst Don’t Tell the Bride weddings of all time!

Here’s what went down in the episode.

Screenshot: Don’t Tell the Bride S14 E25 – 4oD

Meet Steve and Leona…

Steve (24) and Leona (22) Coates from Leeds were featured in episode 25 of Don’t Tell the Bride series 14.

The couple met at their call centre job and instantly clicked. They moved in together after just four months of dating!

From the get-go, viewers were aware that Steve and Leona were like chalk and cheese. Even the couple admitted it.

Leona said: “He’s your basic transit van, [and] I’m definitely more of a sports car or Mercedes.”

Their differences in taste was reflected in what wedding both wanted. Leona’s dream was to have a classy, sophisticated woodland wedding, filled with fairy lights and flowers. Steve, on the other hand, wanted a Wild West-inspired wedding, completed with a cliffhanger ending. And as the show allows the groom to make all the decisions, what Steve says goes…

“Car crash wedding”

Steve, who had never been to a wedding before, decided the Wild West theme was the way to go. The ceremony was to be held in the Honister Slate Mine, atop the infinity bridge. The reception was then to be held DIY-style in a marquee Steve and his best man Marcus built.

Fans were horrified by Steve’s wedding planning. He splashed out £2,500 on the bridge walk that they didn’t end up doing, bought auction house tat to decorate the marquee and even blew £700 on an Iceland shop he did to cater the wedding.

Steve even decanted all of the Prosecco he bought into Lucozade bottles, as they weren’t allowed glass on the field where the marquee was. It was a seriously concerning sight.

One viewer Tweeted: “This wedding is a car crash! I can’t understand where £13,000 has gone?” Another chipped in: “That is the worst wedding I’ve ever seen… What was that guy saving the money for?”

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Leona goes through with the wedding

If his impulsive wedding planning wasn’t bad enough, Steve also angered Leona’s family causing a rift between the bridal party and his family. It was so serious that Leona’s dad was the only family member present for the wedding.

But despite all of the drama on the wedding day, Leona still went through with it and married Steve to the shock of viewers.

And the couple are still together! From Leona’s Facebook profile, we found that the couple have just been on their honeymoon and are as loved up as ever.

Screenshot: Don’t Tell the Bride S14 E25 – 4oD




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