When is the new series of Don't Tell the Bride on TV?

The new series of Don’t Tell the Bride is coming to E4 very soon!

Now into its 10th season, the wedding-themed series first broadcasted in 2009, boasting over 100 episodes to date.

Don’t Tell the Bride series 10 is ready to air in August. Are you?

Here is everything we know about the new series and episode one.

Bridesmaids Aneliese, Sarah, Becky and mum Jane

When is the New Series of Don’t Tell the Bride on TV?

The first episode of Don’t Tell the Bride series will air on Wednesday night (15th August), on E4.

Don’t Tell The Bride first aired nine years ago on BBC3 but changed hands to become a Channel 4 production last year.

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E4 launched 18 episodes in their 2017 series, so expect an onslaught of Don’t Tell The Bride coming your way!

What Time is Don’t Tell The Bride?

Episode one of Don’t Tell The Bride – and every episode after that – will air at 9 pm.

Featuring in the Wednesday night 9 pm slot, the only other reality TV shows Don’t Tell the Bride will compete with is the daily Celebrity Big Brother show and Botched on ITVbe.

Easy choice, right?

DON’T TELL THE BRIDE – Best man Tommy, stag James and groom Lee

What Happens in Don’t Tell the Bride Episode One?

Don’t Tell the Bride will kick-start the new series as Lee plans a good ol’ fashioned wedding in Vegas.

It’s nothing like the family church in Norfolk that his bride Anna had envisioned, but at least they can win some money in the casinos.

You know, in case Lee needs to pay for a divorce…

Lee with best men Adam and Lee

What is Don’t Tell the Bride About?

If you can imagine the opposite to a bride’s dream wedding, then this is what happens on Don’t Tell The Bride.

The E4 series follows the adventures of grooms as they single-handedly plan and execute their big wedding day.

With a minuscule budget and not much knowledge when it comes to bridesmaids dresses or wedding locations, the show is one big recipe for disaster.



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