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The wildest Don’t Tell The Bride disaster weddings which left grooms grovelling

The Grooms on Don’t Tell The Bride certainly make their big days memorable, but not all of the on-screen weddings stood out for the right reasons. In fact, most of the weddings on the show have left the grooms grovelling for forgiveness.

In the show, the bride takes the back seat and lets her groom organise their big day, giving the groom the reigns to plan the wedding in exchange for £12,000. Let’s start off with the worst, a groom letting a roulette wheel decide whether he’d wed in Vegas or not…Read on to discover what the outcome was.

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The wildest Don’t Tell The Bride disaster weddings

Simon and Kaleigh, 2010

Ranking number 1 is Simon and Kayleigh’s Las Vegas wedding which is often referred to as one of the most shocking episodes in the show’s history. Kaleigh was flown across the world to Las Vegas for a flashy wedding, but the catch was that Simon could only actually afford to send a select few friends and family…including her brother!

It certainly wasn’t the traditional English wedding that Kayleigh wanted, and she’s not afraid to tell her husband-to-be that.

Most iconic line: “You’ve torn the whole family apart Simon” she cried down the phone.

Alex and Luke, 2016

Ibiza might be a great location for a stag do but we’re not sure about having a wedding there when the bride is dreaming of something more traditional. Luke picked Ibiza with good intention, as it is the same location that they met when they were both working out there.

To keep it short, Alex hated her dress, Luke dipped from the UK-based registry office and proceeded to have a meltdown in the heat of the Ibiza sun.

Chelsey and Liam, 2018

Liam brought his own passions into the plan in a darts-themed ceremony for his wife-to-be, Chelsey. Ditching traditional bridesmaids’ dresses for oversized dart board t-shirts, not to forget the ceremony conductor being Bobby George.

John and Jackie, 2012

Although she may have started her big day saying she felt like punching John for making her jump out of a plane, Jackie eventually went through with the skydive and ended up having a whale of a time.

Kayleigh and Steve, 2011

Thorpe Park was one of the first places the couple had their earliest dates, so Steve figured it would be the perfect setting for their wedding. Bare in mind, the bride hates rides, so you can imagine her reaction when she was made to go on the scariest one in the park in her wedding dress.

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Georgia and Liam, 2020

Georgia hated her wedding dress, but she didn’t realise what was yet to come…Her bridal party were dressed as little elfs. That was enough to throw her off the whole day, “I’m not getting married if you’re all dressed like this,” she told her bridesmaids.

Steph and Billy, 2017

Imagine your entire wedding is based on that one time you said pigs were your favourite animal. Billy spent two grand on his stag and for Steph’s hen do he sent her to their local pub, Billy then proceeded to plan the whole wedding on a pig farm…Could this get any worse? Yes, the bridesmaids wore pig onesies, and the bride had to walk through a smelly muddy farm in a pristine white wedding dress.

The most iconic part of the wedding was when Billy justified his actions by quipping “you love pigs though”, to which Steph replies “not this much”.

Celina and Ben, 2018

The episode started with the heartbreaking reveal that their two sons had been born at 22 weeks and died not long after. Their marriage was supposed to be a fresh start, but the groom picked an interesting venue, who’d have thought meatballs and chips would be a wedding meal?

IKEA was where the couple would go after having a bicker and Ben was hoping to make it a happier place. Although when Celina pulled up to the IKEA car park on her wedding day, bickering is all that happened.

Hayley and Ian, 2012

You would like to think this wedding went swimmingly, but when Hayley found out she had to swim down the aisle, she was not best pleased. Fresh hair and make-up done, just for it to wash off straight away? No thanks.

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