Dorran left to build £1M underground home alone on Grand Designs

Dorran left to build £1M underground home alone on Grand Designs

Grand Designs season 23 is underway in 2022 and one of the homes features on this year’s series is underground! The ‘spaceship-esq’ home appears on episode 3 of the new series which airs on Wednesday, September 14th at 9 pm.

Kevin Mccloud has been giving viewers an insight into what it takes to build some of the most impressive houses on the Channel 4 show over the two decades that it has been airing. So, with another showstopper of a property on the horizon, let’s tale a look at the Grand Designs underground home…

Grand Designs underground home

During Wednesday, September 14th’s episode of Grand Designs, Kevin meets Dorran and Vereuschka Cheeseman who opted for life in a jaw-dropping underground home.

Per Grand Designs Magazine, the couple wanted to build an “earth-shelter house”.

The plot cost them £375,000 and the initial budget for the build was £1M. The underground lair is located on a 400sqm plot and was set to have four bedrooms and just as many bathrooms.

It was designed by architect Richard Hawkes.

Meet Dorran and Vereuschka

Married couple Dorran and Vereuschka have three children and wanted to build a family home.

Dorran works as a Navy captain and Vereuschka works for a pharmaceutical company.

Per Metro, when Dorran returned to his house from working in the North Sea, he was unable to find workers and took on the build himself. He was determined to “get the job done”.

Where is the Grand Designs underground home?

Dorran and Vereuschka’s earth-shelter house is located in Canterbury, Kent.

It’s built beside a protected Saxon hill fort. Per Grand Designs Magazine, property planners “insisted it should be hidden several metres below ground, with one window peeping out over the valley and a subterranean carpark”.

The build was so ambitious and feature many technical issues that the couple opted to do the build themselves rather than continue with their contractor.



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