Who is Dr Marie Wren? Meet the Strangers Making Babies fertility expert!
Ep1. Marie. Picture: Channel 4

Who is Dr Marie Wren? Meet the Strangers Making Babies fertility expert!

Forget dating for love, but instead imagine searching for someone to have children with. Dr Marie Wren helps people do just that…

It’s all shown on Channel 4’s new show Strangers Making Babies, where single women will be matched with several men who also want a baby.

Dr Marie Wren is set to help and guide the hopeful parents within her agency, alongside matchmaking expert Gillian McCallum.

So, who is Dr Marie Wren? How did she get a career in her line of work?

Ep1. Gillian and Marie. Picture: Channel 4

Who is Dr Marie Wren?

Dr Marie Wren is deputy director of The Lister Fertility Clinic in Chelsea, London, and has been a specialist in fertility treatment since 1987.

She joined the clinic in 1991 from King’s College Hospital, having previously worked at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals.

The Channel 4 doctor has been in the medical industry since 1981.

Aside from the clinic’s specialised treatments, she is particularly interested in managing oocyte donation, female same-sex couples, single women having sperm donation, and egg freezing.

She regularly speaks at fertility meetings, has published in national journals, and constantly contributes to the fertility research and publications from The Lister Fertility Clinic.

Dr Marie Wren on Strangers Making Babies

Dr Marie Wren, who has already helped hundreds of couples on their fertility journey, is set to do the same on the Channel 4 series.

She leads a group of experts who have created a vetting and matching scheme to help single people find the perfect co-parent.

It comes after 70,000 people signed up to co-parenting sites looking for a potential person to have children with.

In the first episode, she helps two women searching for someone to have a baby with in a non-traditional, platonic co-parenting arrangement.

The two women are Venicia, a 34-year-old professional nanny to high-profile families, and Sarah, 39, an amateur ballroom dancer from Surrey.

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Dr Marie Wren: Background

Looking at social media, it looks like Marie enjoys looking glam.

In her Facebook profile picture, she is dressed all in black with a smart hat and pearl necklace – with her friends attributing her to Audrey Hepburn!

She also appears to have ran a marathon for We Stand With London alongside her close friends, who she regularly goes on outings with.

Marie is clearly very charitable, as she often donates to fundraisers, such as Maggie’s Centres and The Little Princess Trust.



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