Fans left distraught as The Supervet could not save Hugo - prepare for tears!

Noel Fitzpatrick returned to our screens for a fourteenth series of the hit Channel 4 show, The Supervet.

And while, for the most part, we see Noel work his veterinary magic and save the lives of animals across the nation, there are some occasions where we tragically have to say goodbye to the beloved pets we see on our screens.

Series 14 episode 4 (Wednesday, July 11th) introduced us to Hugo, the giant Newfoundland pup completely adored by the Taylor family.

Here is the heartbreaking moment we had to say goodbye to Hugo on The Supervet.

Screenshot: The Supervet S14 E4 – Channel 4

Who is Hugo the dog?

Although it’s hard to believe because of his giant size, we meet Hugo on the show when he was just 1 year and 4 months old.

He is a Newfoundland, which is known for being one of the largest dog breeds and yes he would have continued to grow!

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This gentle giant was completely adored by the Taylor family – Fiona, Ian and their three children Connor, Dominic and Imogen.

But he was more than just the family pet, as he was there to help one of the children in particular.

Hugo the therapy dog

Their son Dominic has autism and as Fiona explained on the show:

[He] finds connection with people very difficult, but he doesn’t have that problem with Hugo.

The plan for Hugo was to train him up as a therapy dog who could assist Dominic as he grew up. But it is clear from the home videos and photos that Hugo is more than just a therapy dog to this family, but an essential part of the Taylors’ life.

This just gets all the more painful…

What happened to Hugo on The Supervet?

When Hugo arrived at Fitzpatrick Referrals, he was due for a total hip replacement for his right hip. He suffered from hip dysplasia in both hips and was set to have a hip replacement for the left as well.

But when Noel checked the rest of his joints, they discovered that Hugo had osteoarthritis in his elbows and knees.

They tried to tackle the diseased knees first before they moved on to a hip replacement. But an infection set in post-op in Hugo’s hips which meant that he could not be saved.

Even Noel could not save Hugo

It was clearly a painful episode for the Taylor family as mum Fiona broke down on multiple occasions. But it took its toll on Noel as well.

Taking to Twitter after the episode aired, Noel said:

We all did our very best for him, and it is undeniable how much he was loved. We stand together, with the animals. You and the animal you love are the reason I do what I do and keep going.

Excuse us while we grab the tissues!

Screenshot: The Supervet S14 E4 – Channel 4





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