Naked Attraction is a dating show with a twist as you pick your ideal match based on looks alone. Each contestant gets a choice between six hopeful daters and they eliminate them one by one after different body parts are revealed.

Hosted by Anna Richardson, the show is known for nudity – and plenty of it!

In last night’s episode 5 (January 16th, 2020), singleton Laura got her pick of six hunky men, although she got a bit more than she bargained for.

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Naked Attraction
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Who is blue pod from episode 5?

Blue is 24-year-old Dave from Derry, who works as a door supervisor.

The Irish lad had an accent which was difficult to understand, but with that beard, bod and all that junk in the trunk, we will forgive him.

Dave compared himself to wine, as he claimed that he has matured with age.

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Naked Attraction
Screenshot from My4

Fans think they ‘spot an erection’

When the first reveal of the goods was shown on C4, fans spotted something somewhat out of the ordinary when they noticed blue was standing to attention a little too eagerly. After Laura and Anna ventured over to the man, they were both shocked with Anna referring to it as somewhat “like a donkey”.

With the pair overwhelmed with what was in front of them, Anna then asked Laura what she usually goes for. Laura then responded saying girth is more important than length as “who wants to be poked by a HB pencil”.

As always, Twitter had plenty to say about the incident, with many advising Laura she should have picked blue. One user tweeted: “You should have picked blue the dong”

Others asked where they can find Dave as they would be happy to accommodate him, including a user saying: “Dave is 400% a bit of me”.

Where can I watch Naked Attraction?

You can catch Naked Attraction on Channel 4 at 10 pm on Thursdays with all episodes available exclusively to ALL4.


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