First Dates came back this week with a special episode for Valentine’s Day.

On Thursday (February 13th), 50-something singletons Rachel and Debs met for a first date on the Channel 4 show.

And it’s safe to say viewers reacted pretty emotionally as this couple should definitely be your new relationship goals too.

Here’s what happened between Rachel and Debs in the episode, as well as if Rachel and Debs are still together.

Rachel on First Dates

Meet Rachel

Rachel is a 59-year-old singleton from Rochdale. At the start of the episode, she said that appearing on the dating show was a “massive event” for her.

She’s been married for 34 years and has two children. She described herself as a “virgin dater” after a long marriage.


Rachel went on to say that her type of women are “curvy, petite and blond”. And this is where blonde bombshell Debs comes.

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And calendar girl Debs

Rachel met with 59-year-old Debs – cheeky calendar girl and a holistic therapist from Worcester.

Debs has been single for 15 years now, after getting a divorce.

Debs on First Dates, Valentine’s special

What happened in the Valentine’s special?

Debs opened up about her previous marriage, revealing that she and her ex-husband separated like good old friends.

Debs also said that she sees men and women as “spiritual” beings and this is how she normally gets attracted to someone.

And Rachel and Debs got clearly connected in a spiritual way. After their first date, the two said they would like to meet again.

First Dates viewers adore Rachel and Debs

Viewers watching at home have reacted pretty emotionally about Rachel and Debs.

They’re totally loving the couple and label them as pure relationship goals at the age of 50. One viewer tweeted: “I am genuinely absolutely delighted for Rachel and Debs.”

Someone else said: “Oh my god Rachel and Debs are GOALS,” while another one added: “Rachel and Deb I bloody love you two!”

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Rachel and Debs on First Dates

Are Rachel and Debs still dating?

Man, it’s pretty hard to find a 50-something singleton on Twitter or Instagram. But we found Rachel on Facebook, and sadly she and Debs are no longer dating.

Replying to someone on Facebook, Rachel said: “Debs is my best mate..we’re in contact often xxx.”

There you have it.