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Who is Danny from First Dates? We found 'fish and rice cake guy' on Instagram!

Danny appeared on the 2021 series of First Dates on Tuesday (January 26th), and many viewers instantly recognised him…

Widely known as the ‘fish and rice cake guy’, it was not the first time that Danny has appeared on a television show.

He starred on the Channel 4 series as Lauren’s date, a teaching assistant who was no stranger to the First Dates restaurant.

So who is Danny from First Dates? What show has he appeared on before?

Screenshot: Danny, First Dates, Series 16 Episode 3, All 4

Who is Danny?

Danny Andrews is a 30-year-old barber shop owner from Preston.

He owns Dannys Barbers on Woodplumton Road in Preston.

The First Dates star is also a bodybuilder, which viewers who watched a certain BBC documentary in the past might already know…

Here’s a hint – it’s where he got his ‘fish and rice cake guy’ nickname!

Where do we recognise Danny from?

Danny starred on BBC Three documentary Baby Faced Bodybuilders.

At the age of 16, he shared a food plan that made him go viral, and was labelled the ‘fish and rice cake guy’.

As part of his plans to enter a Mr Cumbria bodybuilding competition in 2006, he said:

Eight o’clock in the morning I’ll have fish and a rice cake. At 10 o’clock, I’ll have fish. At 12 o’clock, I’ll have fish and a rice cake. At two o’clock, I’ll have fish. At four o’clock – just before I train – I’ll have fish and a rice cake. I’ll train, I’ll have me fish.

You get the idea.

Marking those famous words, he added: “I’ll come home, have some more fish, with a rice cake, and then have some more fish before I go to bed.”

Now, 14 years on, he has made an appearance on First Dates!

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What happened next for Danny and Lauren?

The beginning of their date seemed to be going well, as Danny admitted he is an ex-f***boy, with Lauren revealing she wanted a retired f***boy.

He said it would be really good to actually find a girl who found him funny.

They bonded over their love of tattoos, and eventually agreed that they would like to see each other again.

Deciding to go to the pub following their date, we thought it might be a happy ending for Danny and Lauren.

However, it was revealed later in the episode that they decided not to take things further.

Meet Danny on Instagram

Danny enjoys sharing his new tattoos, and spends a lot of time in the gym.

He revealed on First Dates that he recently bought a house, which he has renovated by himself – and it’s all on a story highlight on his Instagram!

Looking at his photos, he regularly gets #fishandaricecake comments. Danny has also shared his body transformation from 17 to 20 years old.

Scrolling back, he has clearly enjoyed going on party holidays and festivals.



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