First Dates Hotel: Who is ex-footballer Tom? Career of Angie's date explored!

First Dates Hotel: Who is ex-footballer Tom? Career of Angie's date explored!

First Dates Hotel has whisked us away to romantic Italy, where ex-footballer Tom goes on a date with Angie. So, who is he?

The holiday version of Channel 4’s First Dates sees singletons meet a stranger, with the hopes of finding the love of their lives.

On Wednesday night (March 31st), we saw former football lad Tom sit down for a date with police officer Angie, who hit it off instantly.

Several fans are eager to find out more about Tom and his footballing background. We done some research to get to know him better…

Screenshot: Tom, First Dates Hotel, Series 6 Episode 2, All 4

Who is Tom on First Dates Hotel?

Tom, 23, is a car salesman and ex-footballer who lives in London, and originally grew up in the Midlands.

However, he usually tells people he is a banker or seller when he’s out meeting women…

Really though, he sells used cars, and admits to just coming out the other side of being a “stereotypical lad”.

He also revealed that his ex-girlfriend was great, but that “you end it because you’re scared of actually committing to something good”.

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Tom’s date with Angie

Tom, who is looking for an exotic, Mediterranean-looking woman, gets matched on a date with police officer Angie.

They instantly touch on the fact that Tom “oversprayed”, and that his aftershave overpowers Angie’s perfume.

Going for a Peroni, Tom actually admits to Angie that he sells used cars, and opens up about having played football before.

Several innuendos later – with an added touch of some flirty banter – Tom and Angie are getting along really well.

He cannot seem to get his head around the fact that Angie, 24, is a police officer, but seems to be fond of her, and tells her she is a strong woman.

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Tom’s former football career

Angie asks Tom what football team he supports, and he tells her it is Spurs.

It looks like it could be the tipping point for them, as she supports Arsenal… He then admits he’s not “proper”, and that he just goes to watch Spurs.

Tom played for the team he grew up in, before they let him go. This led to him not becoming their number one fan.

This meant that the First Dates Hotel star, who was eight or nine when he got scouted, had to pick another team to support.

Having put his life into the sport, Tom stopped playing as he moved all over the place and started living abroad, before getting an injury.

What happened next?

Angie and Tom’s flirty banter seemed to go somewhere, as they both agreed to wanting to see each other again.

It was later revealed by First Dates Hotel that Tom went travelling after filming for the show.

Angie also confirmed on Twitter that her and Tom are not together.



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