Channel 4’s romantic hit First Dates is back for 2019.

Series 12 episode 8 aired Tuesday, June 4th.

Ivan and Lynda were one of the couples dating on episode 8 of First Dates.

The adorable couple warmed viewers’ hearts with their stories, so what happened between the pair?
Screen Shot: First Dates series 12 episode 8 Lynda and Ivan – Channel 4

What happened between Ivan and Lynda?

During First Dates series 12 episode 8, we met ex-journalist Ivan and the seriously stylish Lynda.

The mature singletons went into detail about their previous partners and marriages.

Lynda retold the story of how she met her husband at a dance while Ivan recounted meeting his Scandinavian wife who was the love of his life.

He then went into detail about how he had to care for his wife when she got emphysema and later died in 2014.

Ivan said: “To watch her decline was an awful experience.”

Lynda also mentioned that aside from seeing her family she found widowed life very lonely leaving viewers heartbroken.
Screen Shot: First Dates Lynda and Ivan – Channel 4

Did Lynda and Ivan opt for a second date?

Unfortunately, poetry enthusiast Ivan and glamourous granny Lynda didn’t go for a second date.

The pair decided that there wasn’t a spark.

Ivan mentioned that he was a performing arts enthusiast but Lynda seemed to shy away from that idea.

But Ivan did give Lynda a piece of advice to just get on and do the things she wants to do rather than sitting at home alone.

He also suggested Lynda started writing, for her to mention that she used to keep a diary but it was so depressing that she thinks she burnt it.

It’s safe to say these two didn’t share the same sense of humour!
Screen Shot: Series 12 episode 8 First Dates Lynda and Ivan – Channel 4

How old is Lynda?

Glamorous Lynda revealed on First Dates that she was 80 years old.

However, Twitter was in shock at how elegant and youthful she seemed.

Lynda mentioned that she’s a great grandmother but she wasn’t afraid to have a little flirt with the waiter!
Screen Shot: First Dates series 12 episode 8 Lynda and Ivan – Channel 4


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