First Dates' brave Yasmin thinks Brad is 20 years older, what happened?

Yasmin and Brad headed to Manchester for a First Dates outing, where she shocked fans by thinking he was 20 years older than her…

The dating show is back, bringing us some cringe-worthy moments of pure awkwardness, as well as some lovely romantic dinners.

Cars, dogs and lifestyle seem to be the basis of Yasmin and Brad’s connection, but things take a strange turn during the date.

Viewers may be wondering what happened next for the Channel 4 pair, and where they may be now that filming has wrapped up.

Screenshot: Yasmin, First Dates, Episode 1 Series 17, All 4

Who are Yasmin and Brad?

Yasmin is a successful city banker who is happy to take the wheel in a relationship. She was matched with 33-year-old Brad.

Brad is an entrepreneur, who pulls up in a luxury Aston Martin, just one of several cars in his collection…

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Having dated girls from everywhere, such as “homey girls” and females from different countries, he sells himself as quite the experienced guy.

Introducing himself as a man who gets a rash when he gets a tonic, the property developer says he sells five and six beds for a living.

Yasmin comes along and says she is not a “100% boss lady at home”, and wants someone who will encourage her to have a family.

First Dates: Yasmin and Brad’s date

It didn’t start off too well, with Yasmin guessing he was 52 – almost years older than he actually is… awkward!

They began to bond over their successful careers, and spoke about dogs, cars and lifestyle, but it all changed when Brad wanted a specific wine.

After Brad made a request to see the ‘off menu’ wines, Yasmin shut down about her past relationship, and it looked like things were taking a turn.

Revealing that she would usually be a little bit more reserved on a first date, Brad pushed on, asking her what it is about her that is “different”.

Opening up about her dad being her rock, Brad said that he never knew his own father, and had several stepdads when his mum remarried.

Where are Yasmin and Brad now?

  • Yasmin has confirmed she is still single.

She took to Twitter to let followers know that she is currently single, and thanked others for their support towards her.

Viewers could clearly see that Yasmin did not connect with Brad, especially after he said she was “getting there” to fit his tick boxes.

Yasmin asked if she could go first when asked if they would like to see each other again, and it didn’t look like she hesitated at all… it was a straight no.

They agreed there was no spark between them. Yasmin went on to advise him to be a little bit more genuine, and focus on the other person.

Although it is pretty clear they did not go on another date, Brad seems to stayed off the radar following the date.



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