Five Guys a Week launched on Channel 4 last night (Tuesday, March 10th) and already is the talk of the town, proving dating series are still the shows to beat in the reality TV world.

The series follows one woman as she lives with five potential suitors over the course of a week. They will all live in a house together and day by day she will whittle down which one she wants to date for good.

The first episode saw Amy Butterworth from St. Albans date Christian, Trystan, Michael, Glen, and Scott over the week. But it was Christian who she eventually chose!

So, who is Christian from Five Guys a Week? We found him on Instagram to find out more about him.

Screenshot: Five Guys a Week S1 E1 – 4oD

Who is Christian?

Christian Sanderson is 37-year-old international banker, who had been single for six months before participating in the experiment.

Christian described that his job as a banker was a “banker of financial crimes,” so he helps to stop money laundering of cartels, terrorists, gang operatives and the sort.


In the episode, Christian described what he was looking for out of life and a partner:

My lifestyle is like an adrenaline, exciting-fuelled lifestyle. One of my hobbies is that I’m training to be a pilot.  So, I can wake up with the right girl and just go ‘Let’s go France for breakfast, let’s go Isle of Wight’. Off we go, weather permitting.

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Christian on Five Guys a Week

At the beginning of the episode, Amy said of Christian: “Initially I thought he was a bit of a geezer, but he’s got this aura around him which I quite like.”

This quickly strengthened throughout the episode.

Viewers of the first episode were in disbelief that Amy chose Christian at the end of the episode. Many took to Twitter to share their outrage and some pretty strong condemnations on her choice of suitor.

Follow Christian on Instagram

We found Christian on Instagram to find out more about the Five Guys a Week star. Already, Christian has a slight following, with over 4,000 Insta followers.

As you would expect from the fact he turned up with Veuve Clicquot champagne of the first night, Christian lives quite a luxurious lifestyle. Most of his Instagram feed is filled up with pictures of gorgeous sunny getaways from Italy to Thailand.

But from the looks of Christian’s Instagram, he is single and not in any kind of relationship with Amy. They still follow each other on Instagram though, so they seem to be on good terms!

You can join Christian’s following @christian_sand.