Who is Hope from Five Guys a Week? Channel 4 star is also an actress!

Five Guys a Week, despite its bizarre premise, is proving to be one of the most enjoyable dating series Channel 4 have thrown out in years.

The series sees a ‘picker’ – the female – invite five male suitors into her house and over the course of the week, she narrows down her favourite of the bunch.

Episode 3 (Tuesday, March 24th) features Hope Vidal, who has a rather particular penchant for red-headed men.

So, who is Hope? Find out more about the Five Guys a Week star here, plus whether her relationship from the show worked out.

Ep3. Hope and the guys.

Who is Hope from Five Guys a Week?

Hope Oprah Vidal is the star of Five Guys a Week episode 3. Hope is a 30-year-old project coordinator from Manchester.

However, we did some digging and found that Hope is also a budding actress! From her LinkedIn profile, we found that Hope attended The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) in London from 2007 to 2010.

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Hope has had minor roles in ITV series The Trial of Jimmy Rose and Coronation Street over the past few years, and starred in independent films.

Since 2019, Hope has been studying for a Masters in International Events Management from Manchester Metropolitan University. She will graduate in 2021.

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Hope in Five Guys a Week episode 3

In the third episode, Hope got to know five suitors. They were entrepreneur Daryl, theatre marketing manager Paul, law student Stephen, Ryan who could impress with his ability to speak Chinese fluently, and finally trainee reiki master Matt who is from Rhondda Valley.

But these five guys didn’t just have to impress Hope, as she lives with her mother Janet and stepdad Harold. The couple had some rigorous living rules in place that the five guys had to abide by.

The Vidal household is a tough crowd. 

Hope eventually chose Matt, after working her way through the other four guys. But things, sadly, have not worked out with Hope and Matt. Hope explained:

We are not still together. We went on a date after the experience which was nice but it turned out that we were not compatible and looking for different things.

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Does Hope have Instagram?

Yes! We found Hope on Instagram under the handle @hopeoprahv.

The vast majority of Hope’s feed is dominated with family snaps of her and Janet, or with her brother Javan.

There appears to be a clear lack of significant other in Hope’s Instagram photos, but Hope confirmed to Metro.co.uk that she is dating someone new.




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