Five things we ALL did after watching Free Solo on Channel 4 - "I could climb that"

Five things we ALL did after watching Free Solo on Channel 4 - "I could climb that"

BAFTA and Academy Award-winning Free Solo documentary aired on Channel 4 on Thursday, May 23rd.

While many had already witnessed Alex Honnold’s incredible ascent of El Capitan thanks to arthouse cinemas, others were pure virgins to the gripping drama.

But whether you watched the film for the first time on C4 or simply had to tune in again, we all did these five things as the 100-minute documentary came to a close.

Alex Honnold climbs through the enduro corner on El Capitan’s Freerider.

Googled ‘climbing near me’

Sure, Alex Honnold is like no other human with a unique brain pattern and over 30 years of climbing experience having taken to the bouldering ropes as a young child.

But hey, how hard can a little bit of climbing be?

We all Googled ‘climbing near me’ having watched Free Solo, suddenly feeling the urge to mount a wall like Spider-Man.

Admit it.

Alex Honnold free solo climbing on El Capitan’s Freerider in Yosemite National Park.

Wondered if Sanni was still with Alex…

The secret hero of the documentary is, of course, Alex’s girlfriend, Sanni McCandless.

She displayed the patience of a saint and nerves of steal having not only watched on as Alex nearly killed himself but received next to nothing back when it came to emotions.

For the record, they are still together, two years after Alex completed the climb.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – SEPTEMBER 27: Alex Honnold (L) and Sanni McCandless (R) attend the screening of “Free Solo” at the 2018 LA Film Festival at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on September 27, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images for Film Independent)

Looked at something over 10 metres high and claimed you could mount it

Cities across the UK were hit with drunken ‘I-could-climb-that-fever’ following the launch of Free Solo.

Whether you did it or a mate did, it all counts as the same thing.

Someone in your friendship group definitely pointed out a crane, a small building, a bus stop etc and proclaimed: “I could climb that.”

No. Please don’t try this at home, kids.

Felt overwhelmingly motivated and inspired

There’s no doubt about it, Alex’s remarkable free solo ascent is incredibly inspiring.

His personal life and down-to-earth character only added to audiences respect for the 33-year-old super-human.

Whether you ran home to get your gym gear or felt pumped to smash the next day’s work, Free Solo gave us a boost of motivation.

Honnold, 33, listens to music while brushing his teeth as he prepares for a day of climbing in Morocco⿿s High Atlas Mountains, one of several foreign locations where he trained for his attempt on El Capitan.

Pitched a weekend of adrenaline sports to your pals

Whether it’s the white water rapids, bungee jumping or extreme pogo, the day after a Free Solo sitting is all about adrenaline sports.

The WhatsApp group is suddenly full of elaborate sport and activity ideas that you’re never actually going to do, let alone find somewhere to do it in England.

Still, A for effort.



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