From Celebs Go Dating to First Dates, you’re never really short of a dating show nowadays.

And now, there’s a new kind of dating show in town – Flirty Dancing, where rather than dating traditionally, couples find love through their passion for dance!

Ashley Banjo is presenting the show and guides each dater along the way.

James Pearce reckoned he could try his hand at a bit of dancing and dating. Here are five things we found out from his Instagram!

Flirty Dancing: Episode 2 James and Jessica

James Loves Nature

From a quick glance at James’s Instagram, it’s clear to see that he adores animals.

He volunteers with Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust at Paignton Zoo.

James wrote on an Instagram post: “I am proud to volunteer for such a wonderful trust (Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust) @paigntonzoo and will continue to for many years to come. I have made many friends, met many animals and learnt so much to fuel my passion for nature.”

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Taste test. #nofilter #snake #paigntonzoo

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James’ Dog

Mr Pearce’s love of nature doesn’t just stop at the lions, gorillas and other zoo animals, he also has a sweet furry friend at home.

Jack’s show cocker spaniel who he refers to as his ‘nephew’ is called Frankie.

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Little tyke. #showcocker #sister #puppy

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James has had a Heart Transplant

In James’s Instagram bio he refers to himself not only as a ‘Flirty Dancer’ but also ‘That heart transplant bloke’.

He often takes to social media to create awareness around organ donation and has captioned that he plans on getting his whole chest tattooed.

James has a facebook page @Beproudofyourscar, he wrote: “I believe people should be proud of overcoming such a medical procedure and this calendar can provide evidence that Organ Donation across the U.K.”

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Post Heart Transplant. 16 years nearly. 16 years! I just can not believe I am saying that!! In May 2001 I was given the miracle of life thanks to a gentleman out there who made that choice to go on the donor list. During the procedures / examinations and pre and post care there were many complications and trials that needed to be competed before the operation. Drug levels, diet and aspects of after care that my mum Liz stuck strong in fighting to improve. I remember a horrid yellow fluid I had to syringe into my mouth, Cyclosporin, a drug that tasted horrific and a lot of pain and discomfort for a fair while after. I could barely breath or cough without pain. A lot has happened since. My life has been very up and down. I have made many mistakes and paid ultimate prices, I have done a lot of silly things that my grandad would be ashamed of. But the one thing about my life that is far more important and far more positive, is my health. It is amazing to know I have gone far beyond what I expected and there is no reason why I can't have another 16. I am blessed. Here is a picture of my scar as requested. It was in 2008. A time in which I was proud, happy, and I actually had a nice body and not a crap tattoo in sight! #lovelifegivelife #showmyscar Click Here to raise awareness and the reasoning behind this post.

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James’ Music

So, he’s bound to get the dancing sorted now that he’s taken part in Flirty Dancing.

And according to James’s Instagram bio, he’s a musician.

It turns out that James was in a Ska Punk band back in the early 2000s.

At eighteen years old James loved to rock out, now he’s opting for the two-step to bag himself a lady.

During Flirty Dancing episode 2 Ashley Banjo says to James: “We are going to turn you into a dancing supremo.”

James sarcastically replies: “Good luck, guys.”

So perhaps he’s got his work cut out for him.

James is a BMW Fanatic

This one could be pretty standard of most young guys but James is a huge BMW fan.

He features ‘BMW’ and ‘Motorsport’ in his social media bio and meets up with other BMW owners.

James loves a good car post whether its a new car piece he’s got made or just a vehicle admiration pic for good measure.



What is Flirty Dancing about? Channel 4’s NEW dating and dancing show!

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