Channel 4’s new spin on dating – Flirty Dancing – has been a huge hit.

The show aims to get people together through their love of dance and bring a bit of romance back to dating.

Diversity leader Ashley Banjo is the show’s host and not only teaches the dance moves but also plays Cupid for the couples.

So are Flirty Dancing’s Jay and Rayna still together?
Jay and Rayna

Are Jay and Rayna Still Together?

In the final episode of Flirty Dancing, we saw 21-year-old physio student Rayna and 25-year-old trainee firefighter Jay practice their dance routines for one another.

By the end of episode 5, it was revealed that Jay and Rayna had seen each other again in London.

The programme stated that Jay hadn’t met Rayna’s mum “yet” insinuating that he was planning on meeting her.

But, by the looks of both Jay and Rayna’s Instagram pages, they’re no longer seeing each other.

To be fair, the show was filmed in the summer of 2018.
Rayna and Jay

Who is Flirty Dancing’s Jay?

In episode 5, Jay described the loves of his life as women, the gym and food.

But he did make it clear that he’s not your typical ‘lad’ and even described himself as being more like the ‘girlfriend’ in a relationship.

You can follow buff firefighter-in-training Jay – @jayjordons.

It looks like Jay has a relatively new account with only seven posts and 481 followers.
Screen Shot: Jay Flirty Dancing – episode 5 Channel 4

Rayna Smith

In Rayna’s Instagram bio she describes herself as “A ray of sunshine, student Physiotherapist, dancer and choreographer from the UK.”

Rayna clearly has a huge passion for dance as most of her profile consists of videos of her dancing.

She has just over 3,400 followers on her Instagram account and if you want to join them, then follow her too – @raynasmithhh.
Screen Shot: Rayna Flirty Dancing- episode 5 Channel 4

When Does Flirty Dancing Finish?

The last episode of Flirty Dancing series 1 aired Thursday, February 7th.

Episode 5 aired at 10 pm on Channel 4.

If you want to catch up with series 1, head to Channel 4’s on-demand site – ALL4.
Jay Rehearsing


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